Transit Bus Solutions

City transit vehicles like bus and coach meet many challenges at present. Loss, rob,quarrel, steal, sexual harassment, brawling and dangerous materials threat the public’s property and health security. In some developing countries, the busy season also mean dangers for many drivers. Some terrorists decline to attact bus as the deal chip with government. Auto Sodimax Mobile DVR offer a complete solution for bus security.

bus cctv surveillance system provide proof for accident.jpg

In view of the abnormal situation, we provide a vehicle cctv system for public transit vehicles. The Mobile DVR with security cameras will offer complete surveillance and evidence. Our Mobile DVR will record all in and out passengers and their luggages. Conductor or driver can return it to the real loser according to the video, or send alarm immediately when they find dangerous people and explosive substance. The evidence of video can deter many immoral and vicious behaviour.

bus fleet management solutions.jpg

On the other hand, this system will show superior with the live status through GPS and 3G network , like the vehicle speed, passenger quantity, routing track and security status. Therefore they can judge whether drivers comply with company rules and bus in safety. Furthermore, it will heighten passengers’ satisfaction and enterprise’s income.

bus gps system with video cctv.jpg

3G Mobile DVR also offer a visual fleet management, You can know where your vehicle are and what happened now. Driver Alarm button, Auto Accident Alert, SMS/email alarm are avaialbe. Once meet some accidence, the Mobile DVR can send a alarm automatically to CMS.

 3g bus online monitoring .jpg