Why We Use Bus Passenger Counter Device

- Aug 28, 2018-

  The bus passenger counting system is used to automatically, intelligently and accurately collect the passenger number ON/OFF the door and the passenger flow information of each station for time period statistical management and vehicle operation analysis. Information detection and management system. As the owner and manager of public transportation companies,, they need real-time, clear and accurate passenger number counting statistics as the basis for planning, vehicle scheduling and operation management. Therefore, it is necessary to provide passenger flow statistics data with hardware &software equipment of the corresponding  and operation analysis system. .

   The VPC passenger flow statistics system is an effective method for passenger flowing calculation and evaluation. It is used to detect the number of passengers at each station of the bus line, analyze the number of passengers in the train and the number of passengers getting on and off at a specific time, and obtain the direction and quantity of passenger flow and improve public transportation and the efficiency of operations management. Different from the pedal-type passenger flow detection method, the VPC bus passenger counting system uses international common photoelectric technology to realize passenger flow collection. During the whole statistical process, the sensor has no contact with the passengers, and there is no sensor wear and aging, which does not need to be performed regularly. Wear and maintenance, the actual detection accuracy of the flat peak period is 92-95%, and the passenger flow peak period has more than 90% statistical accuracy. The successful application of VPC bus passenger counter system provides practical and feasible scientific solutions for public transportation operational analysis concepts, passenger flow planning, scheduling and management technologies. The VPC bus passenger flow statistics system consists of passenger flow sensors, remote communicators, and door signal switches. The RS232 interface can be used to store the measured passenger counting record with third-party devices (GPS vehicle terminals, POS terminals, hard disk recorders, etc.) in real time. The data exchange enables third-party devices to increase the traffic statistics function based on the original functions.

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