What Is The Bus People Counter?

- Aug 15, 2018-


What is the bus people counter? The role of the bus people counter

Bus Passenger counter description: professionally developed vehicle intelligent passenger flow counter, number of people statistics algorithm and international leading video analysis and pattern recognition technology, which realizes automatic collection of bus passenger flow information, solves the problem of cumbersome and time-consuming collection of bus passenger flow information, and helps Push the national intelligent public transport system and the city's smooth project.


Main Features:

The number of passengers in the buses can be counted in time, and the operating unit can scientifically dispatch according to this accurate data to prevent the occurrence of emergencies.

It can accurately detect the number of people in the complex crowd environment of the bus and distinguish the flow information of each person.

It is possible to count in detail the number of passengers getting on and off at each station, which is conducive to more reasonable organization and operation of the operating unit.

Built-in 3G wireless network module and GPRS module (optional), realize wireless video, combined with 3G mobile phone, can better understand the statistics at any time and any place.

It can support external device linkage alarm setting, provide function services such as alarm recording, video playback, video codec compression, etc., which is convenient and better. Real-time simultaneous video playback of up to 10 minutes on the same screen. This product is based on the embedded product of non-contact binocular stereo vision technology. The use of dual lens to capture the picture at the same time, accurate counting, accurate distinction between multiple people, passenger flow statistics accuracy is generally 95%. The vehicle passenger flow statistics system provides three-party supervision units such as traffic management and education, and real-time passenger flow data for buses, buses and school buses. This innovative technical supervision means greatly facilitates the safety of public-vehicle passengers.

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