Want To Extend Camera And Lens Life?

- Oct 27, 2017-

"Do you cherish your own cameras and lens?"

Of course! Everyone wants their cameras and lens more "longevity"!

Here are 17 ways to extend the cameras and lens life!

Some are very common, some maybe you never thought about it? Worth seeing

Please look at the instructions

First of all, in fact, many ways to maintain the cameras has been written in the cameras manual, such as how to extend the battery life or to avoid shooting in the case of cameras conditions such as overheating.

Avoid overheating the cameras

Cameras overheating may cause electronic parts to malfunction, the cameras part of the plastic will be dissolved because of heat. So do not put the cameras on the sealed car inside the sunshine allowed!

With a cameras belt

Little things seem inconspicuous, but if inadvertently, a drop of equipment on the ground on the goodbye.

Identify water-resistant and waterproof

Most of the ordinary cameras are resistant to water, so a few drops of rain is not afraid, but it does not mean you can take diving shooting. Also do not replace the lens when the cameras or lens ring is not dry.

Install the battery handle for the cameras

Principle with the phone's protective shell is almost broken, and the flower is the battery handle, then not so sad, to replace and repair more easily. Read here, please add my personal micro-signal: Afee5200, friends circle every day to share the wonderful photography skills and fashion large

Do not expose the cameras to where the temperature changes drastically

Such as in the snow to take pictures, immediately into the warm indoor places. Because the rapid changes in temperature caused by cold shrinkage, will make the cameras parts damaged. If necessary, you can put the cameras into a dense bag before entering the warm environment, waiting for a while before the cameras out.

Add a UV filter to the lens

It is the lens of the protection of the lens, scratch at the same time waterproof. You can also add a hood, so that the lens will not be a direct impact.

Do not change the lens in the wind or dust

Or sand blown into the cameras, or even scraping the sensor is not good.

When the mirror, the habit of the cameras bag under the pad

To prevent accidental fall when changing lenses.

Avoid shooting the cameras under long driving the cameras for a long time

When shooting mode, the cameras reflector is raised, so that the sensor is facing the light source. Long time exposure, the photosensitive element and even the curtain have a chance to be charred.

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