Vehicle Remote Video Monitoring System

- May 21, 2018-

Vehicle remote Video monitoring can achieve vehicle wireless remote monitoring, GPS map positioning, vehicle history trajectory playback, voice intercom, alarm linkage, remote video storage, remote download video, vehicle area management, remote upgrade equipment and so on.

1. Achievable Functions

2 Introduction to Monitoring Terminals

3 Main functions:Basic functions/Compression function/Local processing functions/Alarm function/Network function

    Achievable Functions

Vehicle remote monitoring system can achieve wireless remote monitoring, GPS map positioning, vehicle history track playback, voice intercom, alarm linkage, remote video storage, remote download video, vehicle area management, remote upgrade equipment, etc., is the most important and most basic vehicle-mounted products working software including three parts:Central management system,Central forwarding server, and Remote monitoring clients. 

Monitoring terminal introduction

According to the overall structure of the system, we divide the system into three parts

1. On-board monitoring part. It consists of cameras, Mobile DVR, monitor, sensors etc collecting devices. The camera is responsible for collecting video data and Mobile Dvr is encoding&processing . The encoded data is transmitted to monitoring center through wireless 3G/4G/WIFI network.

2. Transmission part. The transmission part mainly uses wireless and wired transmission. In sports vehicles, the main use of my public 3G network for video transmission, DVR capture and compress the video signal, the compressed video data sent to the Command Center through the wireless network. In the system, it is the Server that completes the communication between the DVR and the IP network. The server maximizes the throughput of the system, makes the wireless monitoring video more smooth, and the server supports the VPN tunnel, fixed IP dialing, and bidirectional authentication functions, and fully guarantees the security and stability of the system.

3. Monitoring Center. The corresponding server system and platform software are installed in the monitoring center to achieve unified management of vehicles and station equipments. And to distribute data streaming and video streaming to working staff for analysis. The actual application system will include multiple servers, mainly including a management server, a video recording server, a streaming media forwarding server, and a number of application servers.

4. The application software.  The staff operates and manages the system through the client software, and obtains corresponding videos and other related information according to the user's authority. At the same time, the system can issue commands to the driver to perform in the emergency. Under this circumstance, the passenger can be commanded and guided through the system.

5. System interconnection.   In order to further interconnect this platform with other systems, the platform software reserves multiple interfaces to achieve information sharing and linkage with the public security, media, and logistics industries. At the same time, it also has the function of releasing information to public users. Other business systems can also access this system to achieve unified operation and effective linkage of each system.

Vehicle remote monitoring terminal

Vehicle remote monitoring terminal is a vehicle-mounted MDVR, adopts professional vehicle-mounted design, adapts to automobile power supply and adopts high seismic design, combines mechanical shock absorption, electronic anti-seismic and software seismic patents, uses removable ordinary 2.5-inch SATA hard disk; has a variety of modes for security monitoring video Function, manual, timing, alarm linkage and fast and convenient query playback mode, the product has a high-speed USB2.0 interface, broadband network interface, easy data backup.

The vehicle-mounted intelligent terminal can be used independently, and it can also use the extended built-in GPS global positioning system and 3G communication module to construct a wireless video surveillance management system for remote dispatch management and real-time monitoring.

As an extended application, vehicle-mounted recorder can also provide functions such as mileage tips and station name prompts to enrich operational applications. Mileage reminder and station name reminder, in addition to the voice reporting function, the vehicle terminal also provides a visual mileage reminder and station name reminder function, through the display in the car to show the progress of the vehicle on the line.

 The on-board monitoring terminal can independently complete on-vehicle video recording and video monitoring functions, and can also be expanded and configured to have a wireless network monitoring and management system. It can improve and enhance the regulatory authority's ability to supervise vehicles, and provide more timely and close attention to key areas and key routes.


Basic Functions:

2.5-inch removable hard disk storage and support for SD Card /SSD interface

Built-in 3G wireless network transmission module supports international wireless network communication standard

Built-in GPS positioning module to locate and record vehicle position and speed information

Supports G-sensor function to record driving behavior information

With ignition start, delay shutdown and timer switch function

Dedicated vehicle wireless remote monitoring platform

Compression function

Supports 4-channel PAL/NTSC video signal input, adopts H.264 video compression technology, supports variable bit rate, supports variable frame rate, can set video image quality, and can also set compression stream of video images.

The device can achieve independent hardware compression of 4CIF, DCIF, 2CIF, CIF, and QCIF resolution per channel.

Supports 4 channels of audio signal. The audio signal is compressed in real time independently.

After the video and audio signals are compressed, a composite H.264 code stream is generated. When the code stream is played back, the video and audio are synchronized, and a single video stream can also be set.

Support dual-stream technology, local storage and wireless network transmission can be set separately;

Supports dynamic setting of video parameters.

Support OSD, support LOGO.

Local processing function

Several modes of file recording:ACC recording, manual recording, command triggering, and alarm recording.

Use hard disk for storage.

The storage device file type is FAT32 format.

Storage device freeze protection technology ensures the security of critical data.

Storage device space pre-allocation technology and low seek technology extend the life of storage devices.

Supports local storage device SMART technology.

The files on the storage device can be selected for loop recording and cyclic recording.

Provides backup and editing of video data and supports USB 2.0 protocol. Preview and Playback

Supports partial or full coverage of images.

Supports partial or complete occlusion alarm processing of images.

Support playback modes such as fast play, slow play, single frame, etc., search by video type and time.

Local recording status, alarm status display.

Alarm function

Support vehicle speed limit alarm function.

Support 8 channels of high and low level signal alarm input, and reserve 1 line of pulse signal alarm input, 2 channels of switch quantity alarm output.

Supports motion detection alarms, occlusion alarms, video loss alarms, and manual trigger alarms.

Alarm schedule, arming, disarming settings.

Supports various abnormal alarm functions such as wrong storage devices and inconsistent video formats. Safety

Supports customization of operator user rights. In addition to one administrator, multiple operators can be set up through “custom rights”, which increases flexibility for operator safety management.

Remote preview, remote playback, and local playback support operator user privileges to channels.

Internet function

Supports TCP/IP protocol.

It adopts video encoding and flow control technology adapted to wireless network transmission.

Supports triggering alarms, abnormal alarms, GPS alarms, and other uploading platform software.

Wireless remote client supports video and audio preview and snapshot


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