The Video Analysis Bus Passenger Counter System Functions

- Aug 31, 2018-

1. Real-time counting data statistics for bus

Through the real-time monitoring for passengers' monitoring area of the bus, the number of people ON/OFF in certain area is counted, the real-time traffic of people and vehicles are grasped, and the number of passengers and vehicles in different time periods are calculated in real time to assist users to organize coordination and management of the Exits in important periods

 2. Count the number of passengers getting on and off at each station

The number of passengers on the front and rear doors of the vehicle and the total number of people in the bus are counted separately. The number of passengers at each station is recorded, and corresponding reports and icons are analyzed.

3.many people pass the test at the same time

Accurately count the number of people entering and leaving the port and provide information such as the direction and speed of the crowd. Users can specify to monitor one or more entrances and exits as needed, or specify the flow of people in a single direction, two-way, multi-person cross-travel

4. Report on statistical data

Through the 3G/4G/GPRS wireless network, the management center can obtain and report various passenger flow statistical analysis data reports from GPS terminals or vehicle DVRs, and scientifically analyze the data such as vehicle carrying capacity, peak passenger flow and crowded stations and time, and According to the analysis results, corresponding targeted measures are taken to realize the intelligent management of public transportation and long-distance passenger traffic in the true sense.

5. Intelligent analysis of passengers in and out

Using the intelligent video passenger flow statistics system, it is possible to accurately detect the number of people in the complex crowd environment and distinguish the flow information of each person, such as analyzing the passenger's access direction, and doing the corresponding data increment and decrement, keeping the data and passengers actual. The quantity is unified.


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