The Significance Of Monitor The Airport Room

- Oct 12, 2017-

Built in the airport around the VHF station is the main use of civil aviation aircraft communication tools to serve the aircraft in the take-off, landing or through the relevant airspace crew and ground control personnel of the two-way voice communications. The takeoff and landing times are the busiest time for the driver to deal with the problem and the most prone time for the flight. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the VHF communication is highly reliable. Therefore, the civil aircraft are usually equipped with more than one standby system. However, if the VHF station equipment failure, it can not be issued to the aircraft in a timely manner signal, the aircraft will not be normal takeoff and landing or even an accident. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the VHF station equipment is highly reliable.

Thunderstorms are most likely to cause interruption in the supply of electricity, if not found in time, the consequences are very serious, it is likely to cause the entire VHF station to lose power supply, the station equipment can not be used, threatening to ground communication. To this end, Zhuhai approach developed a dual-city electricity automatic switching and monitor system.

In the event of strong lightning or other causes of the external market power interruption, the system can immediately detect the anomaly, and automatically switch to the standby utility line, while in the control building remote control panel sound and light alarm, the first time To remind the duty officer to deal with, and effectively protect the station power supply stability. In addition, the system can also be manually remote remote control station power supply to open and interrupt. In bad thunderstorms, duty officers can take the initiative to disconnect the external power supply lines, to ensure the safety of equipment.

Long-range security alarm system Zhuhai approach to a high-frequency station because of unattended, and occasionally being peep peep, had occurred outside the cable was dug up the vicious security incidents. In order to prevent such incidents from happening again, Zhuhai approach to the organization of technical strength, research and development of unattended station remote security alarm system, through the installation of infrared sensors in the engine room, the room security door to install the door sensor, and anti-theft system Signal lead to the control room duty room, to achieve timely detection of illegal intrusion function.

After repeated debugging, the system can effectively filter out small animal movement or leaves falling and other interference signals generated by false alarm, accurate identification of unauthorized personnel intrusion. Since the system, unattended stations as if a pair of sharp Eagle Eye, 24 hours uninterrupted security of the key air traffic control equipment.

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