The Purpose And Application Of Bus Passenger Counter Solution

- Aug 28, 2018-

The Main Purpose of Bus Passenger Counting Solution

The aim is to realize the bus company's statistics on the number of passengers in each period, the number of passengers getting on and off, the number of passengers in the segment, the statistics of sending passengers and destinations, the rational allocation of vehicles, the degree of congestion and overload analysis, etc. The function enables the passenger transport company to build an intelligent dispatching system through the data collected by the system, so that the public resources can be more fully utilized. The accuracy of the passenger counting statistics directly affects the operation of the intelligent transportation system and the benefit of the bus operation, thus helping the passenger transport company to achieve Comprehensive data information management for passengers and vehicles to create a safe, efficient, high quality and reasonable passenger transportation system.


The Application

This Solution is suitable for passenger accounting of long-distance passenger transport and urban public transport vehicles. Applicable occasions: travel agency passenger vehicles, public transport vehicles, company pick-up vehicles, passenger ships, and pick-up vehicles at stores. At the same time, it can also be used in occasions where people need to use statistics, such as Super Market, exhibition hall, public exits, airports, stations/metro stations, entertainment venues, telecom business halls, tourist attractions, etc. set.

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