The Main Purposes For Using The Bus Passenger Counter System

- Aug 24, 2018-

System Overview

  The analysis of bus passenger accounting data can provide a scientific basis for the bus planning management and operation scheduling of the bus system, making it more reasonable, thereby improving the efficiency of the bus company, improving the service quality of the bus and improving the passenger satisfaction.

  Sodimax Technology Bus Passenger Counter System is an advanced intelligent security system for monitoring human traffic. The system uses the binocular passenger flow statistics algorithm to calculate the number of passengers passing through

busesdoors in real time, and the traffic flow to the designated area and the specified direction. Analyze statistics. Accurate population statistics are achieved in complex environments with an accuracy of over 98%. Providing real-time, intuitive and accurate passenger flow data for managers is more conducive to realize more efficient management and organization. The accuracy of passenger counting directly affects the operation of intelligent transportation systems and the efficiency of public transportation operations.

  There are three main purposes for using the Bus passenger Counter system:

(1) Monitoring - Establish automatic collection of bus passenger counting data and monitoring and analysis system of bus passenger flow, realize accurate monitoring and data statistics of bus passenger flow, provide reasonable allocation of transportation capacity and prepare traffic for passenger group based on intelligent dispatching operation of bus group Work plans, etc. provide scientific decision-making and analytical basis.

(2) Reference - Combine the analysis and application of traffic road network and line data, provide the public transport group to provide reference data for the layout, adjustment and optimization of bus lines, as well as the planning and design work of bus station design, etc. And the scientific development of the work of the relevant traffic road planning department.

(3) Design: Through the intelligent dispatching based on precise passenger counting data and the scientific planning and design of route opening and adjustment, the bus group will be promoted to formulate long-term development plans for bus companies, so that the work of bus companies and public transportation management departments will be more targeted. At the same time, it will play an active role in reducing urban traffic volume, controlling congestion, environmental protection and emission reduction, improving people's livelihood and smart travel services, and increasing social and economic benefits.

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  The intelligent Video bus passenger Counting system mainly includes the following aspects:

1. By counting the number of people in each time period, the frequency of the number of departures of vehicles at each time can be reasonably scheduled;

2. By counting the number of passengers per bus, the number of buses per line can be reasonably scheduled;

3. By passing the number of pick-up and drop-off passengers’ number at each station, it is possible to reasonably schedule the number of times and time of bus stop at a certain station;

4. Count the number of people in the main area to make reasonable scheduling of bus vehicles;

5. Improve the service quality of the crew by the conversion rate of passengers;

6. Evaluate and optimize the effectiveness of public transportation advertising;

7. Reasonably set the time and number of departures of the early bus and the late bus;

8. By showing the current number of passengers and changing momentum, the bus station can take measures to prevent emergencies, etc.

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