The Features Of Vehicle Video Surveillance Monitoring System

- Dec 04, 2017-

The Features of Vehicle video surveillance monitoring System


   In Monitoring center, vehicle’s indoor&outdoor realtime video can be viewed remotely. A variety of monitoring terminals including PC , TV wall, mobile terminals etc and so on supported to view video streaming, remote control, multi-screen monitoring, multi-screen polling, manual recording , Video playback and other functions.


(1) PC Clients


The customer can view the video surveillance, gps tracking&location, Geofence dispatch, alarm setting&trigger, Immobilizer, fuel sensor, RFID, bus passenger counter,  and PTZ control function in monitoring center


(2) large-screen TV wall


Can be installed on-line video decoder, the front-end digital signal decoding to restore the image and sound transmission to the TV wall, to provide users with multiple monitoring point image of the centralized real-time display.


(3) phone monitoring


3G mobile client software enables long-distance video browsing, remote PTZ control, video capture and other functions to meet customer demand for remote video viewing and remote emergency command, and provides 3G video surveillance services anytime, anywhere.


Video storage playback


Multi-level storage structure, the device has a durable hard drive, storage 720P (D1), wireless upload CIF. Vehicle’s video can be remotely downloaded and query.


Vehicle alarm linkage


Vehicle alarm linkage mainly includes an external alarm button, that is, the driver in the course of emergency situations can alarm to the monitoring center. The second is two-way voice call.


GPS positioning


Built-in GPS can track the vehicle's trajectory, can fully understand the operation.


    These are the basic functions of vehicle monitoring system. In addition, there are other car monitoring features:

 First, distributed monitoring, centralized management, intelligent settings, user-friendly operation. 

Secondly is the integration of wireless video server design, high system reliability. 

The third is the use of dual-stream technology, the local video using 720P resolution, network transmission using CIF resolution. 

Fourth, the use of H.264 compression encoding, support multiple video access at the same time, each video in the 8 to 10 frames, the video clearer. 

Fifth, wireless network transmission, China Telecom 3G uplink bandwidth up to 1.8Mbit / s. 

Sixth, the system has strong scalability.

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