The Current Status Of 3G Video Surveillance And The Impact To Life

- Sep 14, 2018-

3G vehicle mobile monitoring can transmit information to the central monitoring room, so that the center can track the location of the vehicle in time to understand the driving situation. It can also support the vehicle travel recorder to record the speed, time, mileage and other status information about the vehicle in each moment in time for the forensic evidence. Therefore, 3G car video recorder is a comprehensive, multi-functional product integrating wireless video transmission, vehicle hard disk recording and GPS positioning, which fully meets the needs of vehicle monitoring industry.

The demand for 3G video surveillance security monitoring is very large in all walks of life. Public transportation: There is often a dispute between the driver and the passenger in the bus operation. The driver steals the ticket by using the position, and there are incidents such as plagiarism and robbery during the driving of the vehicle; the dispatching center knows the information on the number of passengers and the driving situation of the vehicle in time. The problem. Long-distance passenger transport: There are frequent disputes between drivers and passengers during passenger transport. Drivers take passengers privately, vehicles are overloaded, speeding, illegally getting on and off, and car robbery. Railway locomotive: The driver may leave the post, snoring, or illegal operation during the driving process. Subway: In the operation of the subway, there are often incidents such as plagiarism, fighting and fighting in the car. Due to the current electronic operation of the subway, many drivers have left the post, snoring, and illegal operations.

Forests: China's forest fire risk situation is very severe, the climatic conditions are unfavorable, the fuel in the forest is significantly increased, and the fire source management is very difficult, which further increases the risk of forest fires. Due to the complex terrain and huge area of the forest area, traditional video surveillance cannot meet the particularity of the industry. Urban management law enforcement vehicles: In recent years, the violent law enforcement actions of individual urban management law enforcement personnel have caused the society to have a deep misunderstanding of the urban management team, and the society has produced many negative reports and influences. At present, while the urban management system continues to strengthen manpower, it is more important to strengthen the ability of modern equipment and civilized law enforcement, so as to effectively guarantee the normal development of economic construction and the continued stability of social security. How to properly and effectively enforce the law, how to enforce the law transparently, and increase the transparency and openness of the public are not only the requirements for the construction of the urban management team, but also the need to alleviate the misunderstanding of the people and promote a more harmonious development of the society.

Ambulance: The parents of the doctors, each ambulance staff wants to do their utmost to treat the patients. However, the limitations of objective conditions, how to achieve information interaction, so that experts can guide the doctors in the ambulance to do a preliminary treatment of the patients remotely. It is especially important to extend the life of the patient. In addition, in today's society, the contradiction between doctors and patients is also on the rise, increasing the retention of data for remote treatment, appropriately opening to relatives of patients or the public, increasing the transparency of behavior, alleviating the anxiety and worry of relatives and friends, and enhancing the brilliance of physicians in people's minds. The image promotes a more harmonious society, car wifi. Money-carrying car: As a very sensitive transportation vehicle, the cash-carrying vehicle may cause robbery, damage and other accidents during transportation. When these emergencies occur, how to notify the monitoring management center as soon as possible and seek their Aid, as well as recording the entire accident process for post-mortem verification, is crucial, car wifi.

Dangerous goods vehicles: illegal operation, leakage, etc. may occur during the transportation of dangerous goods. How to make the superior authorities understand the driving process of the vehicle, prevent these illegal operations from happening, and protect the environment and our lives. The development of in-vehicle wireless DVR is in its infancy. At present, the main problems encountered during the use process are as follows: Bandwidth problem: In a short time, when the number of uses is small, the video transmission effect will be very good. There are still some problems in the long run. For example, since the on-board monitoring uses wireless transmission, the effect of video transmission is subject to bandwidth. If there is too much Internet access in a certain period of time, multi-channel video viewing will occupy a large bandwidth, then the vehicle monitoring terminal equipment transmits. The image quality and speed will be affected. Secondly, at present, 3G wireless is mainly covered in some hotspot cities. Wireless networks in remote areas have not been covered yet. This will inevitably require more progress in construction, establishing signal walls, wide coverage, and stable quality base stations. Guarantee the effectiveness and quality of monitoring.

Tariff problem: Due to the 3G network platform of the three major operators in the process of using 3G vehicle wireless monitoring products, the operator will charge a certain fee according to the user's usage. The three major operators have invested heavily in the early stage of 3G network deployment. At this stage, the number of users is small, and the charging standard will be relatively high. At present, the three major operators adopt multiple modes of charging standards, although they are different, but compared to the large amount of data transmitted by video surveillance, such charging methods are relatively high for wireless monitoring users. Power supply problem: Since the vehicle monitoring terminal uses direct vehicle power supply, it is necessary to fully consider the impact of vehicle starting, high-speed motion, voltage fluctuations during driving on the vehicle monitoring terminal, and vehicle wifi. Since the installation environment is responsible, it is necessary to consider the problem of electromagnetic interference, because electromagnetic interference will have a serious impact on the quality of video transmission.

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