The Basic Principles Of Room Monitor

- Oct 12, 2017-

Stability principle

System design can be 365 days * 24 hours continuous continuous operation.

Practical principle

Overall design: In the process of system design, the program not only takes into account the actual situation of equipment and power, environmental monitor and so on, as well as the practicality of the whole room monitor system and the problem of advanced nature over a period of time, , That is, with the social development of the room management continue to put forward new requirements, from the system operating environment, resource information, functional applications, new technologies and other aspects of comprehensive consideration, the various parts of the integration into an efficient, unified and practical organism.

Regional decentralized monitor: In view of the wide range of the system, the impact of large, in the process of application of the system, the use of centralized management is very necessary.

The principle of expansibility

Overall design: In the computer room centralized monitor system, the design through the transmission network, the room monitor data transmission to the centralized monitor system, we not only consider the existing into the centralized monitor system existing content and requirements, and taking into account the future relocation of the engine room , Expansion of the number of monitor points caused by the expansion of the room monitor system can withstand more than 1000 monitor points for centralized monitor can also provide external data interface for other systems to use, fully meet the development requirements of the engine room.

Integrity principle

System support equipment commonly used equipment monitor, including the engine room power, environment, security, network and other equipment monitor and management to meet the needs of users of various equipment monitor.

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