The Application Prospect Of Home Network Video Monitor Technology

- Sep 25, 2017-

With the improvement of people's living standards and the popularity of the network, security is increasingly popular. Especially in recent years, the development of information technology and people's living environment improvement, people's awareness of home security has been unprecedentedly strengthened. Home network video surveillance, by virtue of the technical and IP network seamlessly compatible with the provision of remote real-time video processing capabilities and other network applications, the emergence of a 40% annual growth rate of the fastest growing market, a product, Its market demand is limitless.

Commonly used home monitor systems typically include a set of cameras, monitor and central storage units (DVRs) that multiplex the video inputs before storing them. PC with embedded DVR can drive basic analysis function, can also complete the monitor and storage functions. The analysis and alarm functions of the basic home monitor system are usually limited to simple motion detection and time or date marking. HMI (man-machine interface) is limited to DVR equipment, and PC networking, control and monitor functions will be greatly improved. More advanced monitor systems add audio monitor, more video input, remote control and monitor of Internet links, CD burning and a comprehensive alarm and call functions. The high-end system also includes servers (multiplexed), with independent add-on storage units instead of DVRs. High-end systems also provide advanced mobile detection capabilities, including intelligent areas and boundaries. For example, within a range of cameras, there are a lot of people on the sidewalk that do not cause an alarm, and a large number of people in the area between the family and the sidewalk will trigger a mobile alarm. Advanced analysis also includes someone strolling or even parcel fall detection. The system is able to identify objects that are rarely moved or are not moving. In a very high-end home system, the camera can complete the analysis function, and real-time detection and alarm.

PC-based DVR operating system is generally Windows operating system, it has a common application, easy to use, easy to maintain in the future, the software easy to upgrade and so on. But the Windows operating system itself is unstable, when the system in addition to running DVR application software, but also run other software, the system will be unstable, or even "crash" and other serious problems, affecting the normal operation of the system.

Network video surveillance market is currently very broad. According to Frost & Sullivan's 2005 report on the global video surveillance equipment market, sales of network cameras and video servers will grow from $ 100 million in 2002 to $ 400 million in 2005 and $ 850 million in 2008, And is expected to reach more than $ 1.2 billion in 2010. As part of the video surveillance, home video surveillance is also growing, and as people pay attention to their own security and continue to be promoted.

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