The Application Of Bus Passenger Counter System

- Aug 14, 2018-

The number of statistics is of great significance to the intelligent transportation system. Through accurate counting data, we can understand the flow of people in each time period, every bus, every station, etc., and use these data to play an intelligent dispatch system. Public resources are more fully utilized. Through these accurate statistics, bus operators can understand the flow of passengers in each time period, every bus, every station, etc., and provide practical and feasible solutions for public transportation operation management, passenger flow planning, dispatching, and technical support. The important role of the bus passenger counting statistics (passenger statistics) in the public transport system can be reflected in the following points:

1. By counting the number of people in each time period, the frequency number of departures for vehicles at each time can be reasonably scheduled;

2. By counting the number of passengers per bus, the number of buses for each line can be reasonably scheduled;

3. By passing the bus passenger number of ON and OFF at each station, it is possible to reasonably schedule the stop times and time of bus stop at a certain station;

4. Count the number of people in the main area to make reasonable scheduling of bus vehicles;

5. Improve the service quality of the crew by the conversion rate of passengers;

6. Evaluate and optimize the effectiveness of public transportation advertising;

7. Reasonably set the time and number of departures of the early bus and the late bus;

8. By showing the current number of passengers and changing momentum, the bus station can take measures to prevent emergencies, etc.

(2) Advantages of Sodimax Technology Bus Passenger counting System:

1. Optimization of capacity network cable: solve the problem of bus congestion and short supply in peak period, reasonably configure the direction division, operation mileage and site distribution of bus lines;

2, reduce costs: a clear distinction between daily / monthly different peak period and peak period, the peak period to extend the interval, reduce the number of departures, and reduce operating costs;

3. Operational supervision: The passenger flow statistics can calculate the daily/month/year vehicle operating income, so as to supervise the operation of the staff and prevent the loss of the ticket.

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