Talking About The Benefits Of MDVR Vehicle Fleet Management Solutions

- Dec 04, 2017-

Talking about the Benefits of MDVR Vehicle fleet management solutions

With the development of buses, passengers’ transportation business, the security and management of bus operators have been paid more and more attention. Various disputes between passengers and operators continues to occur due to fare evasion, service attitude etc problems throughout the country.What’s more, theft, robbery, fighting, and operational disputes are always happening. These phenomena have been plaguing the bus companies and public safety management departments.

With widely application and installation of the bus fleet management system in recent years, the Vehicle video monitoring system greatly meets the needs of the vehicles’ operation and management and provides a direct fact evidence for all types of operational management, operational services, operational safety, that the above problems have been solved completely.


Monitoring Center Management Scheduling

In the past operation, it has to invest a large number of station personnel including the two sides of the terminal, half-way inspection and other personnel to keep abreast of the operation of the public transport vehicles on the road, which is time-consuming and laborious, greatly increased the cost of operation, and the effect is often not ideal.

While with the use of vehicle monitoring devices application(Mobile DVR, GPS Tracking etc), management personnel can log on the computer monitoring platform, check the live video streaming, know the situation of the vehicles, vehicle locations etc. To get the first-hand information on the scene and provide timely scheduling command remotely. Especially with the increasing number of vehicles in recent years, the road has become congested, during the holiday season, bus vehicles are more often blocked on the road. At this point, realtime remote scheduling is particularly important, Based on the mobile vehicle monitoring system, the management staff can understand the operation of the vehicle on the road and quickly make adjustments to the vehicle delivery time, temporary pumping capacity support and other measures, that is, cost savings and to improve the operation effectiveness.

The following are the same as the ones,


Second, the effective deterrence of criminals on board to ensure the safety of passengers

In the past for a long time, the bus thieves are crazy, passenger property is lost, the phenomenon is always the headache of the bus company and related departments. In particular,the branch travels in South of China, when near holidays, the thieves will get on bus along the travel line, stealing passengers’ property, and get off the bus and passengers are often unaware of it then, until the end it will be too late to track the property when they realize the stealing.

The using of vehicle monitoring mdvr device is largely solved by the problem. First of all, surveillance camera played a big role, when the thief on the car see the camera, the psychological has been deterrent, greatly reducing the chances of theft, according to the investigation of the officers, the theft ratio is reduced by 60% and above after installing the bus video monitoring system.

Secondly, the bus mobile dvr system can provide the accurate factual evidence for the relevant public security departments. By extracting the video, the public security department can quickly determine the target, and carry out the arrest of the thief through the plainclothes police Finally, when the lost property was retrieved, police could find the victims through the video, timely return the property.



Third, the effective supervision of safe driving, civilized services and so on

The installation of Bus Monitoring system effectively improves the driver's safe driving,

In the past, it needs to spend a lot of staff on the road for regular inspection to supervise the driver's safe driving behavior or civil service. And it is hard to get the evidence for the quarrels of the operators and passengers. After the implementation of video surveillance, the company could monitor the driver's unsafe driving behavior through regular collection of video recording:such as driving not buckle seat belts, playing mobile phones, solid lane and so on.


And give timely processing or education, or notification in

the monthly safe learning. According to statistics, the current monthly investigation of unsafe traffic behavior are more than 10. Through the video evidential investigation, the civilized service behavior is effectively improved.


Fourth, to provide effective evidence for traffic safety accidents

To use the fleet management tracking device,it not only plays a supervisory role for the majority of drivers, but also a protection to the driver. In the process of traffic accidents, how to define the responsibility of the accident, video surveillance has played an important role, such as:

Case, June 25, 2014 about 6:50 pm, our driver driving Guangdong B80076 bus, from Guangzhou to the direction from the line to the G105 line Taihe Xiejiazhuang off traffic Gang section, met a motorcycles Car from west to east across the road, causing the bus’s colliding with the motorcycle, resulting in two different levels of damage and rider and other three injured traffic accident.


After investigate the video, the responsible party is the motorcycles who across the road with red light situation. Therefore, the video has become an important basis for the traffic police department to determine the responsibility of the accident and to provide a good protection for drivers without faulty.


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