Sodimax Mobile Dvr Recorder Device Upgrading Process Explanation

- Dec 13, 2017-

1.1.       Upgrade steps of mobile dvr 

1.1.1.     program

Upgrade file:5.67.67306753.327686.257_2076709331_0.img


Step 1: copy the file into SD card or harddisk(please copy the file into “rec_dir” folder, see below  picture)make sure the file is completely copied ito the folder

wireless dvr.jpg

Step 2  before power the device, put the SD card/HDD into the device.

Step 3 power the device

Step 4, login  in the system settings, find  Manage tool- Sys Manage - upgradetypeChoose application- SD card or HDDstart upgrade

wireless dvr recorder.jpg

Step 5  on the screen , it shows “UPGRADING…”、“ do not power off”、“LOADING…”, please wait until the upgrading is completely finished, do not do anything, this is very important!!

Step 6, upgrade finish, reset mdvr device,



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