Sodimax Bus Video Monitoring Solution

- Jun 12, 2018-

Bus Video Monitoring Solutions Diagram

Mobile DVR Solutions bus solution.jpg

Solution Characteristics:

1. Full comprehensive product lines: incuding the existing MDVR /iFAR solutions such as SDM718,618, 728,628 and the new generation model VPC-A/B/D bus passenger counters

2.Hardware: the latest anti-vibration technology, UPS, the GPS tracking with talkback handle, user friendly, the telephone function are the key success in this area.

3. Software: complete tailor-made iFAR system solution according to the individual demands which were first fully implemented in the notable Hunan Changde Damp Trucks Project, and accross other Chinese major cities such as Fujian, Liaoning, Shenzhen etc.

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