Sodimax Bus Passenger Accounting System

- Sep 18, 2018-

The Bus passenger accounting system analyzes the passengers’ head features and shoulder assist features through the video camera installed at the entrance of the bus. By calculating the motion trajectory, the number of people in different directions of movement, that is the number of people entering and leaving the vehicle.

With the rapid growth of the national economy, the economy is active, and public transportation facilities are becoming more and more perfect, but China has a large population, and there are still unreasonable distribution of transportation resources and waste of public transportation resources. The uneven distribution of public resources naturally leads to overcrowding and even overloading of public transport carriers. In view of the above situation, the number of people getting on and off the vehicle is analyzed in real time through video intelligent analysis, providing powerful data analysis, effectively controlling the overloaded, and providing objective and fair data for the policy makers. 

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System value

1. Bus line dispatching

Through the bus passenger flow statistics system, the number of real-time vehicles can be obtained. Each time, each bus stop is well-known to the number of people in the car, which is convenient for bus line scheduling, so that the bus resources can be optimally configured.

2. Bus ticket evaluation

Through the accurate in-vehicle passenger flow statistics system, combined with the ticketing system, it is possible to evaluate the number of tickets per day and play the role of ticket supervision.

3, public vehicles, school buses and other personnel overload supervision

For vehicles with clearly limited number of people, the passenger flow data is monitored in real time. If the front end alarm is found to be overloaded, the back-end system will remind the supervisory unit to take measures to correct the overload behavior.

4. Long-distance bus ticketing supervision

For the long-distance bus business, the driver and the conductor are very good at supervising the behavior of carrying passengers in the middle.

5, traffic control and other third-party supervision

The bus passenger statistics system monitors passenger flow data for buses, buses, and school buses in real time for traffic police, traffic control, education and other three-party supervision units. This innovative technical supervision means greatly facilitates the safety of public-vehicle passengers.

System functions

1.Real-time statistics on the number of people on board

Multi-channel two-way statistics function, which can count the number of passengers in the car in real time.

2. GPS GPS (Beidou) real-time tracking and positioning

Load the GPS (Beidou) module to implement common vehicle information management functions. Through the linkage with the vehicle's driving record and GPS (Beidou) equipment, the integration of the video monitoring platform and the vehicle dispatching management platform is realized, and a complete vehicle video dispatching command comprehensive monitoring system is constructed.

3. Data wireless 3G transmission

The wireless 3G network module is loaded to realize the video monitoring and scheduling management of the vehicle by the vehicle dispatch management center, and the WL AN module and the hotspots arranged by the station can be utilized to realize the networked download management of the video and multimedia files.

4.Video surveillance of the number of people getting on and off

Intelligent passenger flow statistics host, support remote IE browser login, directly view the live video screen (requires 3G network), check the number of passengers. At the same time, the intelligent passenger flow statistics host supports SD card storage function, and supports up to 32G card, which can save passenger video recording. The 32G card can record 2 channels of video for more than 5 days.

5.Bus number retention statistics

Through the multi-channel two-way statistics function, the number of front and rear doors and exits can be analyzed in real time, and the number of passengers stranded in the car can be analyzed accordingly.

System Components

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