Select The Tips For Mobile DVR

- Jun 19, 2017-

Today, the market appears Mobile DVR brand and type can be said to be varied, dazzling video, advertised video speed, storage capacity, compression ratio, image clarity products abound. So, how to buy Mobile DVR? The following Xiaobian to tell you about the choice of Mobile DVR tips.

To distinguish between the merits of Mobile DVR, you can from the video rate, storage capacity, picture clarity, operation and other important features to make judgments. But in the comparison of these points, there are many misunderstandings on the market. Many users blindly pursue the speed of fast, large capacity, high clarity, but I do not know in fact these three indicators are mutually constrained, can not require three to achieve the best; and the use of easy to use, but also often most of the project The company's equipment selection personnel ignored, until the installation process was found, in vain a lot of time wasted.

1. video speed

In terms of video speed, in fact, all Mobile DVR in real-time state are 25 pictures / sec or 50 field / seconds (pal format), all beyond this indicator advertising is unrealistic. If you record 16 images at the same time, each rate is only 25/16 per second or 50/16 per second field, multi-channel video, some Mobile DVR using advanced image displacement detection way to significantly improve the recording speed, The recording speed of the moving image is almost instantaneous and is many times faster than a video recorder without image displacement detection. But should pay attention to the image displacement detection video refers to the full picture compression record video camera with full image, rather than only record each camera image in the image displacement of the part, which can also improve the video speed, but in Europe and the United States Of the law, this image will not be available as evidence.

2. Storage capacity and backup

The video capacity is the bigger and better, but the most important thing is to have an external connection to the external digital storage device, the image data backup, only frequent backup, in order to ensure that valuable images can be safely saved and easy to carry out transmission. It's unwise to put a few months of images on the machine's built-in hard drive, and once the machine is damaged, all the data will be completely lost.

3. Image clarity

Image clarity directly reflects the quality of Mobile DVR, but from the technical principle, the higher the clarity, the storage capacity occupied by the larger, so let the user according to the actual situation to adjust the level of clarity, is the best Of the design, which is almost all the brand's products have been done.

4. Operation is simple or not

The use of easy to use the final decision of the product in the practical application of the adaptability, more and more users want to use their own equipment, the best press a key will be able to complete all the features, many manufacturers ignore the user to use the overall quality of electrical equipment, The product design function is numerous, the operation is too complicated, the result is difficult to be promoted. In order to improve this lack, many manufacturers are constantly improving their products, such as the use of user-friendly keyboard, to simplify the use of daily operations, or increase the computer network interface functions, and follow the trend of network development, to expand the possession of the international market rate.

The above is the choice of Mobile DVR tips, we still have to choose according to their own needs for their own DVR.

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