Room Monitor Common Problems

- Oct 12, 2017-

First, use the OM-A6 monitor host FAQ

1, after the configuration interface is configured, the display interface is not displayed

Configuration before the application is not closed, the configuration did not start after the application, or configuration did not restart the host

2, the host network time off

Host network is unstable, or ip address, MAC configuration conflict

3, the sensor and the host can not communicate properly

In the case of correct wiring, the device is usually the address and baud rate configuration is not correct, such as com address address conflict

4, the message can not receive

In the admin which is not configured DNS, or fill out the mailbox account does not open the SMTP service function

Second, the switch through the 485 converter and 485 equipment with the A6 host a 485 interface, the impact of the communication?

OM-A6 monitor host both 485 interface, 232 interface, but also DI switch interface, when the need to access the switch equipment (such as smoke, infrared, etc.) from the host too far, because DI communication distance is limited, beyond certain Of the distance on the communication quality of the impact, so need to use DI to 485 converter, the switch device access to the host 485 interface, then for the convenience of wiring, converted 485 wiring can be connected with other 485 devices 485 interface. In addition RS-485 communication distance of 1200 or so, a single interface below the equipment is also limited, so the requirements in strict accordance with the 485 wiring specifications for wiring, to avoid interference caused by various communications instability occurs.

Third, when the monitor of the site, need to be equipped with more than one monitor host, if the realization of more than one monitor the effective management of the host?

In the monitor of the site, the need for more than monitor the host to monitor the time, in order to manage the convenience of our independent research and development of centralized monitor and management platform for users to solve this problem, centralized monitor and management platform can be distributed in different sites, The monitor of the host within the network together to manage the operation, to avoid the user on each host one by one log on to view the cumbersome.


Fourth, the regional leak detector in the use of the time should pay attention to what?

     Regional leakage monitor with sensitivity adjustment, should be adjusted according to different occasions appropriate sensitivity, high humidity, you can lower the sensitivity point, low humidity, you can increase the sensitivity of the appropriate, so you can avoid the case of no leakage False positives caused by humid environment.

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