Passenger Flowing Statistics Background

- Aug 15, 2018-

  With the increase of the population base and the rapid development of the city, many people are more willing to choose a car because of the improvement of their living standards. This will bring pressure to the city traffic. As the country proposes "four traffic" I hope that through effective means to develop the urban economy and alleviate the pressure of inconvenience caused by the population, how to vigorously develop public transportation and increase the proportion of public transportation, then as a key core of the operation and management of public transport enterprises, how can we further improve the public transportation? The scheduling optimization method is studied, and bus scheduling is the key to improving the operational scheduling level and enhancing the attractiveness of public transportation.

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The background of bus passenger counting

  As an important part of urban traffic, public transportation is an important way to solve urban traffic congestion. The operation of the public transportation directly affects the operational efficiency of social and economic life and the quality of life of people. Improving the "software" level of China's public transport system has become a top priority, and the core of improving the "software" level is to ensure the scientificity and accuracy of bus operation scheduling and planning management.

  Passenger flowing statistics is an important basis for bus dispatch operation and planning. The basic characteristics of passenger counting data on bus routes lies in the non-uniformity of its spatial and temporal distribution. The characteristics of passenger flow not only affect the driving organization of bus passengers between cities and cities, but also affect its long-term passenger transportation planning. Therefore, research and fully grasp its law is very important. The analysis of bus passenger accounting data can provide a scientific basis for the planning management and operation scheduling of the bus system, making it more reasonable, thereby improving the efficiency of the bus company, improving the service quality of the bus and improving the passenger satisfaction.

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