NVR And Mobile DVR Detailed Differences

- Jul 11, 2017-

NVRV.SDVR NVR has what advantage to "challenge" DVR? Throughout the NVR features and features, there are several aspects can be compared with the "predecessors" DVR: NVR is IPcamera video recorder, IPcamera is divided into CIF / D1 ordinary IPcamera and digital million HD IPcamera DVR video effects depend on Camera and DVR itself, the compression algorithm and chip processing capabilities, and NVR video recording is mainly dependent on IPcamera, because the IPcamera output is digital compressed video, the video reaches the NVR, the need for analog conversion, do not need

To compress, just store, when you want to show and play back you need to extract.

Eight-way H.264DVR DigitalVideoRecorder (DVR), a digital video recorder, is often referred to as a DVR, also known as a DVR, with a hard video recording, compared to a conventional analog video recorder. It is a set of computer systems for image storage processing, with long-term video, voice recording, recording, remote monitoring and control functions. DVR Introduction and its principles, Mobile DVR is DigitalVideoRecorder (also known as: Personalvideorecorder that PVR) - digital video recorders or digital hard disk recorders, we used to known as hard disk recorders

It is a set of computer systems for image storage processing, with long-term video / voice recording, recording, remote monitoring and control functions, Mobile DVR collection of video recorders, screen splitters, PTZ lens control, alarm control, network Transmission and other five functions in one, with a device can replace the analog monitoring system a lot of equipment, but also in the price also gradually take advantage. 【Principle】 Mobile DVR is a digital recording technology, image processing, image storage, retrieval, backup, and network transmission, remote control is also far better than analog monitoring equipment, Mobile DVR represents the development of television monitoring system , Is currently on the market TV monitoring system of choice for products. Generally divided into: hard disk recorders, PC-type hard disk recorders, embedded hard disk recorders and so on. Mobile DVR mainstream technology mainstream technology market popular products are PC platform DVR and embedded DVR, embedded DVR in stability, reliability, ease of use and other aspects of "professional" advantage, embedded Mobile DVR will gradually encroachment PC platform DVR market. PC platform DVR in versatility, scalability has an advantage in the network video surveillance system can still afford to manage the role of the host, still has its own market share.

Due to price, performance and other reasons, in the domestic market, Mobile DVR products mainly include Taiwan, including the Greater China region and South Korea's products dominate the mainland enterprises have "Made in China" advantage, but technically almost entirely Rely on foreign technology development, did not grasp the core chip and embedded motherboard development of key technologies, enterprise technology innovation ability is poor, Taiwan and neighboring countries in South Korea in this area is stronger than mainland enterprises. At present, many foreign companies have invested in the development of multi-channel MPEG-II, MPEG-4 compression chip, and wavelet image compression chip, the emergence and application of new compression chip, will enable digital network video surveillance to a new era. At the same time as the capacity of storage devices continue to increase, the price continues to decrease, the development of new storage technology, the camera's all-digital, high-definition continuous improvement, high-quality image standard products will be put into the market, a digital network video surveillance The new darling In addition, enterprises in the process of developing new products should also pay attention to through the industry associations to establish a unified standard so that different enterprises can be truly through the network data sharing, and should be as much as possible with the building intelligent system in other subsystems to achieve seamless connectivity, To achieve the unified management of building systems and control from the Star Network Ruijie.

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