Network Video Monitor Has Been Continuously Promoted

- Sep 25, 2017-

Network video Monitor market is currently very broad. According to Frost & Sullivan's 2005 report on the global video Monitor equipment market, sales of network cameras and video servers will grow from $ 100 million in 2002 to $ 400 million in 2005 and $ 850 million in 2008, And is expected to reach more than $ 1.2 billion in 2010. As part of the video Monitor, home video Monitor is also growing, and as people pay attention to their own security and continue to be promoted.

1. Video monitor digitization. Video Monitor development has undergone three stages: analog video Monitor, half digital monitor and digital monitor. For video Monitor, digital storage is a revolutionary change. Digitalization is the characteristics of the 21st century, digital video Monitor is the inevitable trend of monitor technology.

2. Video monitor intelligent. Intelligent is the development of video Monitor technology more advanced level. Because the amount of video Monitor data is very large, and the user really need the information is only a small part, or really need to monitor only the occurrence of a small probability of certain events, how to obtain valuable data through massive data or how to visual Interpretation of automatic machine interpretation is the development of video Monitor technology a new direction. Because it can be video Monitor from static, after the evidence into a dynamic, real-time prevention and alarm for the user is even more important. In fact, the existing monitor system is equipped with automatic displacement detection, day and night adaptive switching storage, early warning settings (such as suspicious characters photos, fingerprints, etc.) and some low-level intelligent form. With the development of technology, intelligent monitor system will be required before the incident to identify and make the right judgments, to provide people with the most effective and timely rapid response measures.

3. Video monitor IP. Video network, IPTV and so are the rapid development of the network an important application. With the development of Internet technology, IP-based video Monitor is more acceptable for people to accept, the network camera to compress the video information through the TCP / IP protocol, the use of streaming media technology to achieve video on the Internet multiplex transmission, authorized Users can access the Internet at any time to achieve the entire monitor system command, scheduling, storage, authorization control and other functions. In view of IPv6 in the quality of service, network performance, improve security to improve the impact of IPv6 on the next generation of Internet networks, IP-based video Monitor will become mainstream.

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