Mobile Video Surveillance Camera Classification

- Dec 04, 2017-

Mobile video surveillance camera classification

1, WIFI wireless network camera. WIFI wireless network camera has the advantage of no wiring, installation and increase the number of cameras are more convenient, relatively low cost of the Internet. The disadvantage is that the installation of the manual according to the instructions to do some simple network configuration to normal use; network camera to the wireless router is generally required in the range of 30 to 100 meters, if beyond this range need to use a dedicated antenna or the nearest installation of wireless router; In the wireless router to use a more intensive place, to set the wireless router operating frequency band. In use and wireless router with the need to work, the wireless router requires access to the Internet.

2, wired network camera. This type of camera is particularly simple to use, do not need any configuration can be used, not afraid of signal interference, stable and reliable, relatively low cost of the Internet. Wired network camera directly into the Internet can be connected to the network port or router can work properly.

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