Mobile DVR Remote Monitoring Is How To Set Up

- Jun 19, 2017-

Do you know the Mobile DVR remote monitoring settings, the general LAN and Internet connection, a simple way is through the proxy server, that is, only a computer or router with a public network IP, of course, the IP may be dynamic. Proxy server must have two network interface, an internal, an external, internal use of the LAN IP address (referred to as the internal network IP), external is the public network IP. The same LAN other computer or network equipment, the correct set of other devices within the LAN IP and gateway, you can achieve the Internet. Mobile DVR as well.

The use of proxy server Internet monitoring host (hard disk video recorders, video servers, etc.) in order to achieve external network monitoring, as follows, can be achieved:

1, choose a broadband router as a proxy (of course, can also use the computer, but the cost is high);

2, in the router to set the peanut shell dynamic IP parameters, user name and password;

3, set the LAN parameters of the router, that is, LAN IP, the default is, and your monitoring host IP in the same paragraph, that is, only the last number is different.

4, set the router PPPoe automatic dialing;

5, set the port mapping, the host used to monitor the host all mapped to the monitoring host IP, such as: map of the company's DVR is 80 and 4000 two, 80 is the web port, 4000 is the video transmission port; Of the product is not the same, please refer to the instructions;

6, save the router parameters, connect the test, or save the power can be re-power.

Note: The connection method is to monitor the host connected to the router's LAN port, the router's WAN port to connect to the ADSL cat's network port.

Many people have encountered the need to clear the DVR password, then how should clear the DVR password, this article describes a simple method, hoping to help everyone.

How to clear the Mobile DVR password 1, turn off the host, cut off the host power input;

How to remove the Mobile DVR password 2, remove the cover screws, open the chassis cover;

How to remove the Mobile DVR password 3, in the front panel next to the microcontroller to find J4 pin (marked with Password Clear or Password Reset character);

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