Mobile DVR Monitoring Equipment Advantages

- Jul 11, 2017-

In recent years, video surveillance needs to continue to the development of high-definition, Mobile DVR video surveillance system as the core equipment, not only because of its large customer base and the use of the market is well known, but also because in the wave of high-definition, Pushed to the cusp, today Xiaobian to introduce the advantages of high-definition Mobile DVR monitoring equipment, before introducing the advantages to introduce the characteristics of high-definition DVR, standards, algorithms and so on.

HD Mobile DVR features

As high-definition Mobile DVR, whether it is resolution or image fluency, the requirements are much higher than the standard definition; In addition, the HD system will mean a lot of data transmission, storage and processing ... ... HD Mobile DVR to meet these requirements, It must have the following characteristics:

Use a unified communication standard

In the high-definition system, the manufacturers of different equipment to be able to coexist in the same system harmony, which means that high-definition Mobile DVR need to adopt a more uniform standard. PSIA and ONIVF and so on have launched their own communication protocol, although the two standard system is still some differences, but compared to the previous standard "flying" chaotic situation or a lot of progress.

Use more advanced codec algorithms

The codec algorithm is closely related to the development of high-definition Mobile DVR. Whether H.264 or MPEG-4, the processing of high-definition video data will be on the network and storage brought great pressure. If there is no higher compression rate, more efficient, less distortion of the algorithm appears, will inevitably affect the rapid development of high-definition Mobile DVR.

Higher requirements for hardware

Integration is more high, more powerful processing capacity, the module is more small, lower power consumption of the hardware, Mobile DVR to HD essential elements. In addition, we must also consider the current national trend of energy saving and environmental protection, the use of low-power, environmentally friendly materials.

Customized for market segments

With the rise of industry applications, high-definition Mobile DVR will not only audio and video preview and playback device, it also needs to be combined with industry applications to meet the needs of different industries business management.

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