Mobile DVR Advantages And Disadvantages

- Jul 11, 2017-

Mobile DVR is a set of computer systems for image storage processing, with the image, voice for a long time recording, recording, remote monitoring and control functions. What are the advantages and disadvantages of Mobile DVR? The following is the Mobile DVR advantages and disadvantages introduced.

Mobile DVR disadvantage

Poor stability Mobile DVR software and PC hardware, WINDOWS operating system is not compatible with the WINDOWS operating system itself is not perfect, it is easy to cause the system crash. The same time as the above-

Mobile DVR product operation and maintenance need to have a certain technical foundation, and the operating system sometimes "washed away" some system configuration and software, which makes maintenance work difficult. The same time as the above-

Mobile DVR data storage and operating systems are in the hard disk, in any case encryption, can be from the bottom of the PC into the system, the recorded image file to be modified. If the PC's hard disk zero failure, the entire hard disk or even the entire system to be paralyzed, so the reliability of the data decline. The same time as the above-

WINDDOWS operating system anti-intrusion capability is very poor, once the operating system is damaged (such as virus intrusion, etc.), the entire Mobile DVR will be seriously affected, and even the system crashes. The same time as the above-

Mobile DVR boards are mass production of products, quality can be guaranteed, but in the assembly for the Mobile DVR products is difficult to achieve standardized mass production, so the quality of the machine is also difficult to ensure. The same time as the above-

The development of various accessories is very fast, 1 to 2 years the original product will be eliminated, which only long-term use to reflect the advantages of cost-effective Mobile DVR products, Mobile DVR maintenance costs are high, while the board is not the production of Mobile DVR products Manufacturers own design and production, long-term maintenance of its products, the reliability of low protection. The same time as the above-

Mobile DVR advantages

Storage space is large (easy to expand storage hard drive), suitable for long time video. The same time as the above-

Good man-machine interface and file management, through the mouse, the keyboard as long as the computer can be used to operate a good person;

Software and hardware upgrades easier, faster product updates. The same time as the above-

Maintenance costs are relatively low, the general failure can be replaced by parts for maintenance, the machine will not be scrapped.

The above is the Mobile DVR advantages and disadvantages introduced.

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