Intelligent 3D Video Analysis Bus Passenger Counter

- Sep 05, 2018-

Passenger Counting, passenger account statistics and bus passenger flow statistics

  Dahe Net News: When taking NO. 128 bus, the number of passenger’s up and down the station is fully recorded by automatic bus passenger counter installed in the bus. The reporter learned from the Bus Seven Company yesterday that the bus passenger counting device is being tested and will provide the most scientific basis for the rational deployment of public transport vehicles in the future. The equipment is installed at the upper end of the front and rear doors of the NO.128 bus. It senses how many passengers get up and down at each station through video counting binocular cameras, and how many passengers flow during the period, and then transmits the data to the scientific research center through GPRS.

  From the above news, we can easily see that as early as a few years ago, the passenger counter has been applied to the public transport system. With the introduction of big data, more and more people are also aware of the importance of big data. The emergence of the bus passenger counting statistics helps the company  to provide real data for the operation organization of public transport vehicles. The company can allocate vehicles scientifically and reasonably according to the passenger flowing conditions of each line period and location, to create better conditions for the citizens, and to reduce the invalidity of public transport vehicles. Waste of delivery and resources.

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I. Passenger flow and bus passenger flow statistics

Passenger count is also commonly referred to as the number of people. It is an indispensable data for management and decision-making in public places such as buses, airports, shopping malls, shopping malls, and exhibition halls. The passenger counting statistics is an important part of the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). The accuracy of passenger flow statistics directly affects the operation and scheduling benefits of bus intelligent dispatching.

II. The role of bus passenger flow statistics system

The main purpose of the bus passenger counting system is to realize real-time automatic statistics on the number of people getting on and off the vehicle, and to send the data to the back-end system management platform for storage, data report and data analysis. As a result, the monitoring center can instantly know the passenger status of each vehicle, the status of the arriving and outgoing passengers at each station, the busy or crowded level of each station, and the data of the above passengers by analyzing the data of these passengers. Based on the combination of GPS location information, it is possible to arrange and dispatch bus vehicles more reasonably. At the same time, the passenger flowing data of each site can be used for urban construction planning, relevant government departments, etc. For the planning, construction, and bus route configuration of each site, it can be more reasonable and more humanized, and the travel of the people is more convenient.

III.Bus identification principle

The Bus passenger counter system utilizes advanced video analysis technology - head pattern recognition, that is, installing a camera directly above the front door and the back door of the vehicle, and using a vertically downward angle to shoot the head of the person and track the head. The direction of travel, thereby judging whether the passenger is getting on or off.







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