High-tech Popular Car Video Surveillance Ushered In The Development

- Dec 04, 2017-

High-tech popular car video surveillance ushered in the development

Car technology is the car company's most concerned about the selling point: 39% of the buyers concerned about the car technology; compared to 14% of the buyers are most concerned about the horse's horsepower and control. Visible security monitoring concept has been deeply rooted. According to the auto market research firm IHS Auto motive another data show that by 2020, the global networked car shipments from the current 36 million units increased four times to 152 million.

According to a survey released by the market research firm Auto Trader in October last year, only 3% of the owners said they had WiFi in their cars, and almost two-thirds of the owners were using it every day; about 48% of the respondents said Eager to get car wireless technology; 52% of respondents believe that car manufacturers should invest in improving the car's information and entertainment system, rather than relying on will have a better touch screen smartphone features are integrated into the dashboard.

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