Development And Application Of Multispectral Cameras

- Oct 27, 2017-

The development of the times, the pace of people's exploration has never stopped, as early as the 20th century, 60 years, imaging technology has become the main tool for us to explore the survival of the Earth, artificial earth satellite access to the Earth picture data, provided for us The most accurate and accurate information. In this traditional imaging technology, people rely mainly on the principle of optical characteristics, through the acquisition of black and white images due to different optical characteristics of the gray level to be identified. With the continuous progress of science and technology, imaging technology has also been a higher development, multi-spectral technology in such a market demand was developed, the earliest applied to the artificial satellite on the Earth's imaging. Multispectral technology is a combination of imaging and spectroscopy two modules of the imaging technology, through the use of camera-based machine vision products and a specific wavelength of visible light and infrared wavelength imaging, which in which to achieve Multispectral camera is a multi-spectral camera. At present, as a research level camera, multi-spectral camera application has become more and more widely in the military, agriculture, astronomy, security, industry and other fields have excellent performance.

The world's first multi-spectral camera inventor of the French photographer and engineer PascalCotte, is by virtue of this unique camera for the world opened the mysterious "Mona Lisa smile" secret, multi-spectral camera can use ultraviolet And infrared shooting to obtain high-quality images, showing the normal circumstances of the naked eye can not see some of the details. PascalCotte for this masterpieces photographed 13 240 million pixels, very accurate without any protective film state of the picture, for the world opened the past can not see the naked eye 25 secret; the 20th century, 90 years, the Gulf During the war, the US military used the imaging equipment at that time by the geographical location and the impact of the surrounding environment, can not detect the medium and high desert background disguised military objectives, for this problem, the US military proposed a hot infrared band multi-spectral detection concept , And finally launched the "Joint Multispectral Plan";

October 18, 2012, the implementation of the ninth satellite A star high-resolution multi-spectral camera for the first time in the United States boot imaging, and successfully download the first track data; due to multi-spectral camera can get the ground red and near infrared band information , Which can quickly access the surface vegetation information, the Chinese Academy of Sciences Cold and Arid Regions Environmental and Engineering Research Institute researchers use multi-spectral camera to distinguish vegetation and soil, in order to obtain surface plant coverage.

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