Comparison Of Wireless Mobile Vehicle Monitoring And 3G Mobile DVR With Bus People Counter Kitsystem

- Jul 01, 2017-

Frequent school bus safety accidents have aroused widespread concern in society. Every time the occurrence of school bus tragedy, are on the role of vehicle monitoring caused by torture, such as "car monitoring whether there is no ability to protect the school bus safety" and the like. Common car monitoring is divided into two kinds, one is the 3G Mobile DVR With Bus People Counter Kit, the other is the wireless network vehicle monitoring, this paper will compare the two kinds of vehicle monitoring to talk about their application in road safety.


1, wireless network vehicle monitoring

May 17, 2013 is the 45th World Telecommunication Day, with the theme "Information and communication technology and road safety improvement". I learned from the China Unicom Ningbo Branch, responsible for picking all the 18 townships in Xiangshan Township, all the 143 school bus, has been included in the car mobile monitoring network, school bus running "every move" in the background glance.

17 pm, at the Xiangshan passenger station to see the transformation of the vehicle. On the center console of the cab, a camera is facing the front road. Inside the camera is facing the front of the car, the first driver's seat next to the camera is aimed at the driver's seat. Not only that, the front and rear guest door also installed a camera. When the driver opens the key, the camera automatically operates. After 10 minutes of parking, the complete set of equipment is automatically shut down.

In addition, in addition to primary school bus, Xiangshan 229 taxi also installed monitoring equipment.

2,3G Mobile DVR With Bus People Counter Kit

Talk about 3G Mobile DVR With Bus People Counter Kit application case, the most painful, but also the most memorable than May 29, 2012, "the most beautiful driver" Wu Bin metal block breakdown of long-distance bus before the windshield, seriously injured Death events in the car monitoring, it recorded a brief and shocking picture, can clearly see the iron piece crushing the windshield after the driver, the monitor screen shows good video clarity.

Two kinds of vehicle monitoring introduction

1, wireless mobile vehicle monitoring

Wireless network monitoring can choose different standard communication network. China Unicom, China Telecom, China Mobile 3G, respectively, using WCDMA, CDMA2000 and TD-SCDMA standards. "Xiangshan each car on the four cameras to achieve the road conditions, driving conditions, the situation within the car, the situation is full coverage of the situation." Xiangshan Unicom, said the relevant person in charge, with WCDMA network, camera video can be transmitted to the real-time management Department of the monitoring platform. Video can be saved for half a month, the staff can be accessed at any time access.

Domestic 3G wireless video surveillance has entered the growth period, especially in the school bus, bus and transportation and other fields, from a single vehicle system to the development of 3G monitoring, the past traffic monitoring and video can be extended to remote monitoring, to achieve the traffic conditions, traffic safety And vehicle dynamic information collection and mastering, so that school bus and public transport security in a short time to achieve real-time remote monitoring, with the 3G network has been gradually mature in the bus, passenger, school bus safety, power repair, vehicle insurance Claims and other fields.

2,3G Mobile DVR With Bus People Counter Kit

3G Mobile DVR With Bus People Counter Kit the emergence of a number of departments to solve the confusion, it is installed on mobile vehicles, set digital video, surveillance, entertainment, advertising and other functions in one dedicated embedded digital hard disk video recorders.

3G Mobile DVR With Bus People Counter Kit camera in the course of the vehicle can be monitored throughout the process, shooting video images are stored in the hard disk video recorder, once an accident or accident occurred, you can export the car DVR information to retrieve, view.

With the increase in the degree of social recognition, a variety of different levels of requirements also appeared, its function in the continuous improvement of the scope of application will be more and more widely, the role will be more and more in the long distance bus, bus, Ships, ambulances and other vehicles have a wide range of applications.

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