Choose The Machine Vision Cameras Of The Two Major Aspect

- Oct 27, 2017-

The cameras as the main image acquisition tool, the machine vision system to achieve industrial production testing plays the most critical role. Through the previous introduction, we understand that the machine vision cameras components in accordance with different standards have different classification, subject to the impact of many parameter indicators. Therefore, in the choice of the camera, it is necessary according to the needs of users to choose the appropriate type and meet the standard parameter configuration. So, below we will focus on the camera selection process of two major points to start discussion.

Aspect One: the choice of camera type

We know that the machine vision camera according to different standards into a variety of types, in the camera to choose, we must first know what type of camera. For example: As the signal output mode is different, the machine vision system camera is divided into analog camera and digital camera two. If the user needs the camera to directly output the digital signal can be operated, and a high resolution, high frame rate requirements, then we have to choose a digital camera, but if there is no excessive demand in this regard, and the need for good stability, cost High, you can choose to simulate the camera. Although the analog camera output is only analog signals, but after the image acquisition card after the conversion of information, the same can also be used to form a digital signal. Here, the digital camera because of its different output interface, but also divided into the Camera Link interface, GigE interface, 1394 FireWire interface and USB interface camera, in the choice of digital cameras, you must also consider which interface is appropriate to choose. For example: USB camera is the use of USB for transmission, easy to use, cost-effective, but occupy a larger CPU system. The 1394 FireWire interface camera occupies less CPU system, can be transmitted far away, but the use of inconvenient and high prices. Therefore, in the choice depends on the user's needs to focus on which aspects, to know how to choose.

Aspect 2: the choice of camera parameters

No matter what kind of product will have a certain parameter settings, machine vision camera is no exception. When selecting a camera, the user needs to select the camera with the corresponding parameters according to his own needs. For example: in the working environment is most suitable for the size of the camera, choose a small size of the camera, there may be incomplete image capture problems, select the large size of the camera, will cause the phenomenon of normal operation. For example: the detection of the product is in what kind of environment or what kind of speed to run, only the camera can be suitable for such an environment or can quickly capture the image, can meet the detection needs in order to obtain accurate image. In addition, if the resolution represents the resolution of the image, the dynamic range represents the range in which the image can obtain a clear image, and so on.

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