Bus Passenger Counting (number Of People Statistics) Solution!

- Sep 18, 2018-

The 21st century will be the century of intelligent road traffic. 

The intelligent transportation system that people will adopt is an advanced integrated transportation management system. Intelligent Transportation System (ITS) is the development direction of the future transportation system. With the development of the economy, the bus lines have been filled all over the city, and there are more and more private cars, but the bus is still the most important public transportation way for people’s travelling. The bus operation manager can use these accurate statistics to understand the traffic of each time period, each bus, each station, etc., for the operation management, passenger flow planning and scheduling of public transportation. Passenger flow is also commonly referred to as the number of people. It is an indispensable data for management and decision-making in public places such as buses, airports, shopping malls, and exhibition halls. The passenger counting is an important part of the Intelligent Transportation System (ITS). The accuracy of passenger flow statistics directly affects the operation and scheduling benefits of intelligent dispatching.

Main applications: bus passenger flow statistics, travel agency passenger traffic statistics, company shuttle bus statistics, passenger ship passenger flow statistics, store shuttle bus flow count.

System value:

1. Bus line dispatching

Through the vehicle passenger flow statistics system, the number of real-time vehicles can be obtained. Each time, each bus stop is well-known to the number of people in the car, which is convenient for bus line scheduling, so that the bus resources can be optimally configured.

2. Bus ticket evaluation

Through the accurate in-vehicle passenger flow statistics system, combined with the ticketing system, it is possible to evaluate the number of tickets per day and play the role of ticket supervision.

3, public vehicles, school buses and other personnel overload supervision

For vehicles with clearly limited number of people, the passenger flow data is monitored in real time. If the front end alarm is found to be overloaded, the back-end system will remind the supervisory unit to take measures to correct the overload behavior.

4. Long-distance bus ticketing supervision

For the long-distance bus business, the driver and the conductor are very good at supervising the behavior of carrying passengers in the middle.

5, traffic control and other third-party supervision

The vehicle passenger flow statistics system monitors passenger flow data for buses, buses, and school buses in real time for traffic police, traffic control, education and other three-party supervision units. This innovative technical supervision means greatly facilitates the safety of public-vehicle passengers.

Shenzhen SodimaxTechnology Co., Ltd.Video Countng Bus accountant system can achieve multi-channel video passenger counting data statistics, with high real-time and accuracy. In the standard monitoring area environment, the accuracy rate of passenger flow statistics is over 98%. The system can also perform statistical analysis and report on historical data by year, month, day and time to provide decision guidance for managers. In addition, managers can remotely view passenger flow data and images from different regions over the network.

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