Bus Passenger Accountant Counter Remote Communicator

- Sep 05, 2018-

Remote Communicator

The remote communicator is mainly used to process the detection signal captured by the passenger counting sensor, and operates according to the established passenger counter algorithm to generate passenger number data. In order to achieve the fastest response processing speed, the passenger flow processor has three processing CPUs, which are used as front door passenger counting sensors, back door passenger counting sensors, and communication interface processing. The remote communicator itself does not have the data power-off saving function, and the power supply must be ensured during use. The passenger counting processor is designed with a wide voltage to meet the instantaneous voltage changes generated during bus ignition or emergency braking. The remote communicator provides a pure power supply for the passenger counting sensor, making the passenger counting sensor more stable. The statistical indications are very intuitive to show the current working state of the passenger counting processor, and can also be used as a troubleshooting system fault.

bus passenger account counter.jpg

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