Bus Intelligent Video Passenger Counter (number Of Statistics) Solution

- Dec 04, 2017-

Bus intelligent video passenger counter (number of statistics) solution
Background Analysis

Bus is an important public transport of people's travel. Through the bus passenger counter system,  we can understand the passenger flowing data in each time period, each bus, each station and other traffic. By taking use of these data, we can work out intelligent scheduling system , So that public resources to be more fully utilized, the accuracy of passenger statistics directly affect the operation of intelligent transportation system and bus operating efficiency.

The Sodimax advanced statistics algorithm is used to analyze the shape of the living body (human head and shoulder), and the traffic of the designated area and the designated direction is analyzed and analyzed in real time network video monitoring. In the standard environment, the number of statistical accuracy is higher than 95%. Can be widely used in the need for in vivo statistics and restrictions on the occasion for managers to provide real-time, intuitive and accurate traffic data, is conducive to more efficient management and organization of work.

Why we need the passenger statistics?

The number of people for the intelligent transportation system is of great significance, through accurate quantitative data, we can understand each time period, each bus, each station and other traffic, by using these data, intelligent scheduling system to be made, so that public Resources are more fully benefit;

The bus operator can use these accurate statistics to understand the passengers flow of each time period, every bus, each station and other people, for the public transport operation and management, passenger planning, scheduling, technical support to provide the most feasible Scientific solution.

The number of statistics in the public transport system can be reflected in the following important points:

※ By counting the number of people in each time period, you can reasonably schedule the number of times the number of vehicles departed at each time;

※ By counting the number of bus passengers, you can reasonably schedule the number of bus vehicles per road;

※ through the number of vehicles through each station, you can reasonably schedule the number of bus stations in a station with the time;

※ Statistics the number of major areas of the state, so the bus vehicle to a reasonable scheduling;

※ improve the quality of service of the crew by the conversion rate of the number of passengers;

※ assess and optimize the effectiveness of public transport advertising;

※ reasonable to prepare the early bus with the evening bus time, the number of trips;

※ By showing the current number of passengers and the momentum of change, the bus station can be more to take the number of measures to prevent emergencies and so on;


Travel agencies passenger vehicles, bus vehicles, the company shuttle vehicles, passenger ships, stores and other vehicles.

System functions:

1. The number of passengers on the front and rear doors of the upper and lower passenger flow and the number of cars within the total number of separate statistics.

2. Users can directly access the number of IE counter, the region, direction, alarm conditions and other settings, the video screen video, capture.

3. Many people at the same time through the detection area, you can distinguish the direction of each person's flow.

4. Generate reports on the statistics

5. Number of counters to support multi-channel simultaneous statistics, 1 video local output, SD card storage, alarm input / output, RS485 output.

System components:

Front-end: network camera, capture video signal to the number of counters, bus intelligent video passenger flow statistics DVS, used to count the total number of video backcourt and the flow direction of the crowd and other information to obtain the specified time and designated area of the crowd flow data.

Back-end: the user can access through WIFI, GPRS,3G, 4G and other means to access to the terminal, in the real-time video screen to specify the statistical area and direction; the video screen to record, capture; and the population within the crowd flow of accurate data, Reported. And through GPS positioning monitoring.

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