Automated Bus Passenger Counter IPC Clients Introduction

- Mar 13, 2018-

VPC Clients Menu Introduction



IP: This is the IP address to login the counter, default IP:

Port: This is the port to login the counter, default port:6008

Username: this is the user name to login, no need to input user name when you config the data

Password:this is the password to login, no need to input password when you config the data

Set Time: The time is for the counter system, could set it according to the actual time(MDVR with counter kit no need set the time)

Reset CH1:CH1 Clear data

Reset CH2:CH2 Clear data

Update Camera Param:Update the parameters according to the number on the camera

Refresh Image: Refresh the background

Save Image:Save the background image for the first time (When the installation environment changes, also need to save the background image)

Video:for Development and debugging use

Download Record: Download the records.

Erase Record: clear all the records

txt/excel:the file format of the downloaded record file

Parameter Set:Set the parameter

Restart Device:Restart the device

Restore Factory Set :Reset the device to factory settings

Update System:Firmware update



Enable Counte:Open/close channel counting, tick means open channel counting, no-tick means close. If close the channel counting, the channel will not work. Default setting is “Open”

Filter height:Filter value is lower than 80 100 120mm,this value is not absolute. Default setting is “null”

Counter Type:The type is set only for some special or unusual situation. If the installation height is very low and camera’s len is not suitable for the height, set 12. If the installation height is very low and door is very narrow(only pass by one by one), set 14.  If the installation height is appropriate, set as default 8. Please install the camera by the most appropriate position to ensure the counting accuracy. 220~230 CM is the best position.

Door Delay:After close door, if any person not pass the door, there will be missing number. So could set this time by certain Seconds (like 5 S), then the counter will stop counting after certain seconds upon door close. Default setting is 0.  

Left Limit:Filter the target on the left side of the video, range from 0~100, default is 0

Right Limit:Filter the target on the right side of the video, range from 260~360, default is 360.

Top Limit:Filter the target on the upper side of the video, range from 0~30,default setting is 0.

Bottom limit:Filter the target on the downside of the video, range from 0~288,default is 288。

Noise Filter:Filter the noise of the environment,reduce the error counting,range from 120~200,default setting is 120

Head Size Filter:Filter the interference of the environment, filter by head size feature, range from 80~150,default is 80。

Forg Threshold:Extract the sensitivity of moving objects, the range is 10 ~ 20, the default  setting is 15.



Network Setting ---Device Network Set

IP:Set the device login IP

Subnet Mask:Set the subnet mask to login the system

Gateway:Set the gateway to login the system

Port:Set the port to login the system

Device Name:Set the device name

MAC:MAC address code


Network Setting ---Server Network Set(only used for GPRS counter)

Server IP: connect to server IP

Device ID: Device ID

Server port:connect to server’s port

DNS: not use

NTP Server IP :NTP server IP for correcting time


Set Netowrk Param: Save the parameters after setup

Read Network Param: Read the parameters of the device




Device Param Setting

Serial Port Setting

RS232:the serial communication baud rate, used when integrating with other devices

RS485:the serial communication baud rate, used when integrating with other devices


Clear Counter OPT

Clear Time: Timed clear data, then re-count


Overman Set

Alarm Num:used for elevator installation. Not used for vehicle installation

SYNC Time: The frequency for GPS time correcting

Power Delay:After ACC turn off, the delay time for device to turn off(MDVR with counter kit not use)

UTC:Set the time zone(MDVR with counter kit not use)


IO Input Set

Gate Control : Choose door open/close to control the signal

Low/High Level Open: Low power level or high power level trigger when door is open. When door sensor is connected or disconnected, the signal is for door-open. (this is relative, according to your installation)


Data Comm Configure

External:Serial number of communication with external devices

Internal: this is the communication serial port number to be chose when integrate 2 counter device for wide door or vehicle with more than 2 doors situation.


Device Addr:Counter communication address code, used when there are more than 2 doors


GPRS/3G Settings(used for GPRS counter only)

APN,User name, password: this is the information of Sim card

WIFI settings(not used)


Function key

Record Resend: When network is disconnected, if re-transmit the record or not.

Serial Response: Choose it, the record will be saved and upload to server. If not choose it, the record will not be saved and uploaded to server

Store Record: save the counting record

Conb Size:not used

Set Device Param :save parameter

Get Device Param :get the parameter saved on the device



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