Application Of Intelligent High - Definition Cameras In Traffic Monitor

- Sep 25, 2017-

Intelligent high-definition camera is the traffic monitor of the "first eye", not only to facilitate the traffic staff to keep abreast of the road conditions, but also for the transport system to provide more efficient means of monitor. For the public to provide road traffic conditions of the service, the driver can query the traffic information, select the best route. On the intelligent high-definition camera in the traffic monitor applications we understand how much?

Intelligent high-definition cameras in traffic monitor in the basic application of the main focus on the following three areas:

1, command and dispatch

Such as the occurrence of traffic jams or accidents, the command center staff can monitor the screen through a timely understanding of the scene, through the monitor system to retrieve the relevant high-definition video images and information, you can observe the details of the details of the rapid command and scheduling staff on duty Take appropriate measures. Therefore, high-definition video surveillance in dealing with traffic emergencies, the more play the role of scheduling command, improve efficiency.

2, road information monitor

Intelligent high-definition camera can provide real-time monitor of road traffic changes in the situation, the command center staff can quickly respond to the situation according to the show, timely traffic flow, reduce congestion. The intelligent traffic high-definition video surveillance system can do 7 × 24 hours of traffic traffic records, traffic conditions can also be analyzed and statistics. So that the command center to make a more reasonable deployment strategy, but also for urban transport network optimization to provide the basis.

3, license plate and face recognition

Through the high-definition video surveillance system, traffic law enforcement departments of illegal vehicles and illegal vehicles for license plate information capture, while the driver to face capture. High-definition electronic eye not only can clearly capture the driving vehicle license plate, you can also see whether the driver has a seat belt and front passenger car features, we can see the importance of high-definition monitor of the transport sector law enforcement.

In the traffic monitor, intelligent high-definition video camera has been widely used. Intelligent high-definition camera is the traffic monitor of the "first eye" is also a necessary tool.

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