Analysis On The Characteristics Of Vehicle Video Surveillance Function

- Dec 04, 2017-

Analysis on the Characteristics of Vehicle Video Surveillance Function

1, vehicle monitoring function

The monitoring center can monitor the vehicle video in real time, and support the monitoring through a variety of terminals, including PC and other client, TV wall, mobile terminal, and remote video browsing, remote control, multi-screen monitoring, multi-screen polling, manual recording , Video playback and other functions.

 (1) monitor the client

 Monitoring center through the green line to the telecommunications IDC room, the customer can monitor the video and video camera PTZ control and other functions.

(2) large-screen TV wall

Can install the network video decoder, the front-end digital signal decoding to restore the image and sound transmission to the TV wall, to provide users with multi-channel monitoring point of the image of the real-time display.

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