Analysis Of The Bus Wifi In The Application

- Sep 14, 2018-

  Nowadays, when we go to some places to eat, we will choose a place with a wireless network. Therefore, for some service industries, wireless network is an advantage, and the application of wireless network is more and more.

Also some mobile vehicles are also providing wireless networks for customers, especially on some of the current buses. Some people need to sit in the bus for a long time. In order to prevent everyone from being bored, many places are installing  bus wifi. After the WiFi hotspot is opened, not only can you watch the high-definition theater in the bus's internal LAN, play community games, but also directly access the external network, brush microblogging, send mail, and now the technology of wifi is advanced,  so we don't have to worry about a lot of people will grab the signal,the signal is good enough to provide for our normal use, for some entrepreneurs, car wifi can also carry out some network conferences well, no Delayed work.

Bus WIFI system.jpg

  Then, how to solve the problem when the vehicle wifi signal is not good.

   When we use the wireless network, the signal of the wireless network is often bad because of the weather, because the model of our wireless network is to transmit some signals through the radio waves transmitted by the router, when encountering high winds weather,  there will be a lot of interference, which is very inconvenient to use. For this, our car wifi will also have the same problem, when we are using the car wifi, how to deal with when the signal is not good. First of all, our simplest and most rude way is to disconnect and reconnect the wireless network. In many cases, because of the long-term use of some people, some mobile phones are not good, which will cause our signals to not receive properly. We can choose to change a place, different positions, the strength of the signal is very different, and finally, due to some external factors, the signal of the car wifi we use is very poor

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