3G Mobile DVR With Bus People Counter Kit Range Of More And More Widely

- Jun 07, 2017-

The emergence of 3G Mobile DVR With Bus People Counter Kit to solve some of the confusion, it is installed in the mobile vehicle, you can set digital video, surveillance, entertainment, advertising and other functions in one dedicated embedded digital hard disk recorders. The camera can be monitored throughout the course of the vehicle, and the captured video image is stored in the video recorder. Once an accident or accident occurs, the information in the 3G Mobile DVR With Bus People Counter Kit can be retrieved and viewed. Talk about 3G Mobile DVR With Bus People Counter Kit application case, the most painful, but also the most memorable than May 29, 2012, "the most beautiful driver" Wu Bin metal block breakdown of long-distance passenger windshield, seriously injured Death in the car monitoring, it recorded a brief and shocking picture, can clearly see the iron piece crushing the windshield after the driver, the monitor screen shows good video clarity.

With the increase in the degree of social recognition, a variety of different levels of requirements also appeared, 3G Mobile DVR With Bus People Counter Kit function in the continuous improvement of the scope of application will be more and more widely, the role will be more and more, in the long distance bus, bus , Trains, ships, ambulances and other vehicles have a wide range of applications.

Can not be ignored is the 3G Mobile DVR With Bus People Counter Kit workplace is moving in the vehicle, which is working in the indoor DVR can not be compared, where the environment is even worse, more difficult to predict. Environmental interference is large, it uses the power supply is the battery, because the vehicle driving, there will be braking, climbing, ignition and vehicle electrical equipment aging, which will make the vehicle output voltage fluctuations in different amplitude, for Electromagnetic and voltage control is difficult to achieve perfection.

In the car digital hard disk video recorder is the most vulnerable parts of the hard disk, bumpy vehicles for the hard disk shock to bring some difficulty, the market using spring, rubber pad as a shockproof material structure, although in the vertical force direction can play A certain role in the shock, but in fact driving in the state, especially in poor road conditions, the direction of its vibration is irregular, hard disk protection is difficult to control. In recent years also appeared in the use of large-capacity USB storage of car surveillance video recorders.

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