Logistic Truck Solutions

Logistics Vehicle Mobile DVR Solution 
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Reserve Proof

As the modern logistics industry is booming, some intentionally and inobservantly damage and loss of the delivery often catch logistics company in troubles. It’s not enough to prevent such accidents by the means of GPS navigator, but no proof can be find out the real reason and declare drivers’ duty. Therefore, insurance companies always refuse to make compensation.

Wireless Transmission

Our Mobile DVR for logistic vehicles can effectively solve this problem. Except the GPS tracking, the video surveillance system can record the whole courses from loading to discharge. As the nuclear part in the system, our Mobile DVR has the excellent performance in anti vibration protection and the data security. Supervisor can also monitor any step of trucks through GPRS/EDEG/3G Network by remote PC or Mobile Phone.

Bank Trucks 

Bank cash truck and special logistics truck usually carry great treasure. Criminals always focus on robbing such vehicles. Any loss will damge owners and transportation company. Both drivers or guard may be sued for a few of negligence. 

Mobile DVR offer excellent vandal proof housings and mini measures in vehicel, so the D1 resolution can offer the most clear image of robbers, and driver button can inform police center to take the first time response.

Smart Alarm Alert by Sensors

With door sensor and oil sensor and passenger detective sensor,driver can find any cargo or oil thift,or robbers. Even driver is drunk, or asleep, or blackmailed,or kidnaped, fleet managers also can get alert timely by video or audio or email or short massenges from home or office or cars.It will help rescue customers’ cargo and drivers. GPS will also send the realtime location to remote control room. So police can capture them quickly and easily.

This Mobile DVR solution can decrease most of unnecessary loss and dispute. With the remote surveillance and complete video records, drivers and logistics can prove their innocency after inevitable risks. This system will greatly enhance their competitive power.

Mobile DVR Objects : 

Trucks carried with Tobacco, Oil, Medicine, Food and drinks
Express, Post office Trucks
Cash Trucks and other valuable delivery vehicles.

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