Enforcement Solutions

Mobile DVR provides police and army with in-vehicle video camera recording systems for Law Enforcemen . We supply with the advanced technology while meeting their budget and operating requirements. And we never lose sight of what matters most: protecting officers and securing the public. 

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Police force cannot meet the demand of public security in most cities. It’s always impossible to enroll more people, so the best solution is to take full use of current resource. This mobile dvr system allows governors to manage all police cars, and call any nearby patrols to arrive the appointed position. Meantime, the enforcement Mobile DVR can offer the live video at once to help officers judge and decide.

The abuse of Government vehicles are very common in many countries, and some local police have suspected collusion between the cops and robbers. Through the realtime GPS and video surveillance, superior officers are able to monitor and control thousands of policemen ‘s enforcement behaviour and cars online. At last it will improve police public image and support.

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