4ch Car Blackbox Recorder With 3G Wireless People Counter Device For Bus Passenger Flowing Statistics

4ch Car Blackbox Recorder With 3G Wireless People Counter Device For Bus Passenger Flowing Statistics

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Recorder with people counter 3G Live video streaming 4ch 720P HD recorder with people counter wifi INTRODUCTION Sodimax Vieo- Counting Bus People Counter(VPC) with binocular lens is developed based on advanced Video Counting&image analysis technoloy.It judges passenger’s...

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4ch car blackbox recorder with 3G wireless people counter device for bus passenger flowing statistics


Video Passenger Counting System Saves Bus Company Thousands

One of our passenger counting systems is saving a bus company thousands of pounds per bus. Automatically counting people on and off their buses enables the company to cross check passenger numbers with ticket machine transactions. With proof that they had more passengers than transactions, managers could take steps to remedy the missing fare revenue.

People are counted on and off the bus in, for example, five or ten minute intervals. Additionally, the system can record times at each stop, so is well suited for service planning. The length of time a bus waits at a stop—the dwell time—represents a significant portion of bus operation time.

With automated passenger counts, bus companies can easily generate reports for external funding agencies like regional authorities. They can also monitor ridership trends over time.


*4CH 720P AHD Recording, video stored into HDD

*3G live video streaming, GPS tracking, wifi autodownloading

* With RS232 serial to integrate 3rd-party application(need customization)

*95% up accurate

* High accuracy despite crowded group

* Not affected by clothes color and passenger height etc

* Long duration and low maintenance

* Accurate counting for On and Off through Front and Back door

* Automatically generate statistic report

* Easy installation and uninstallation

* More accurate surveillance and more effective management on ticket, conductor and driver.






3G wireless people counter device.png

Counting report for 3G wireless people counter device.png




1)How is the performance and accuracy?

Counting is possible even in crowds of people or during the night. (Highly sensitive CCD camera adopted)
A single sensor can function properly even if the door is wide. 
Passengers getting on and off are counted respectively even when passing each other at the door.

2)How is the count sensor configured?

The configuration is simple with two sensors and one bus controller.

3)Is it necessary for drivers to operate the count sensor?

The count sensor starts working simply by turning it on. 
Because no special procedures or settings are required, there is no burden put on the driver.



If you're interested in the 4ch car blackbox recorder with 3g wireless people counter device for bus passenger flowing statistics, welcome to contact our factory. As one of the professional China manufacturers and suppliers in this field, our company has passed the CE certification. Please be free to get the high-quality solutions and system with us.
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