TCP/IP Communication Linux GPRSGPS Bus People Counter Wireless

TCP/IP Communication Linux GPRSGPS Bus People Counter Wireless

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION bus people counter GPRS Video Counting Technology based linux binocular bus people counter GPRS INTRODUCTION The Video-Counting Passenger Counter (VPC) is an electronic device available for installation on transit vehicles including buses which accurately records boarding and...

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Product Details





*GPS location and tracking

*Bus people on/off counting.

*Ability to determine passenger movement direction.

*The possibility of simultaneous detection of two people passing in

*Possible integration with MDVR or ticketing system

*The People counter case is made in accordance with IP54 standard, which enables the device resistance to moisture and dust.

*Customer can customize their applications flexibly. *Sodimax can provide development documentation.

Obtaining passenger data(Latitude and longitude of station, date and time, counter) from RS232/485 port


*Support 2G(GPRS) transmission(TCP IP Transfer Mode)

*Report of the counting stored in SD storage and server.


1. Main Unit

MDVR Recorder&Counter Processor, Mounted at the bottom of seat or ceiling of bus, Record video, process and calculate the counting data, send to HDD card storage or tranfer the video&counting data to server through 3g.

2. Binocular Camera

Mounted on the ceiling of the doors, counts passengers get in or out of the bus.

3.Door Sensor

Door open/close sensor, is used for sensing the door open or close status.



people counting system (2).jpg

people counter for door.png




1. person accounting accuracy, % ?

Answer:If installation is corretly done and environment&background is adjusted perfectly, the accuracy could be 98% by our other customer's report.

2. How much cameras needed for person accounting ?

Answer:If the bus has 1 door, you will need to buy the 1-door counter kit which is with one counting camera. If the bus is with 2 door, then you will need 2-door version which is with 2 counting cameras

3. video  cameras would be necessary with local storage (eg, SD card). Could Your device manage 2 cameras (inside bus and outside view) and person accounting  in the same time?

Answer:Yes, our model VPC-C supports 4 ch recording, with HDD&SD card storage. You can connect 4 cameras(for recording purpose) with our device, the 2 counting cameras are only for counting purpose. You can also connect 2 recording cameras+ such 2 counting cameras with our device to record, this is also okay.


4. not good working temperature more then 0oC degrees, as our winters are cold (-25oC). Can be SD cards or SSD ?

Answer:For such temperature, yes, you can use SSD instead of HDD, our device supports SSD. When the device is working, it is with heating by itself, even in minus 25 degress, the device's tempature will be higher than such temperature, so this is no problem.

5. Have You 3/4G communication (in last attachment described only 2G)?

Answer:We actually have 3 models for our counter. 1st model VPC-A is a basic counter, only supporting SD card storage,GPS, RS232/485.  2nd model VPC-B is a GPRS counter, it supports GPRS wireless transmission(2G), with SD card storage. 3rd model VPC-C is a 4ch recording DVR with counter kit, it supports 3G/4G(optional), GPS, WIFI(optional), HDD/SD card storage etc features. Please find attached file to make sure the 3 models.

If you're interested in the TCP/IP Communication Linux GPRSGPS Bus People Counter Wireless, welcome to contact our factory. As one of the professional China manufacturers and suppliers in this field, our company has passed the CE certification. Please be free to get the high-quality solutions and system with us.






Operating Interface

OSD with mouse and remote control


Shelter Alarm

Alarm alert stored in SD card and saved in server when camera is sheltered


Wireless Transmission

Supporting GPRS


GPS (Optional)

Supporting external GPS


Standard Interface

Supporting 1 RS232 ports ,1 RS485 port 

External Antenna

Antenna interface with embedded GPS  

Standard Interface

Standard RJ45 interface, with indicator.

Standard Interface

Compatible with commerciall avaiblable brands.

System Upgrading

Supporting SD card upgrading and remote upgrading

Gate Control

Door Sensor

High/low electric level trigger

GPS speed

Threshhold 8KM/H

Power Supply and Power Consumption

Power Supply

1. ACC on/off

2. SD card lock on/off

3. Delayed shutdown

4. Timed on/off

Input Voltage

DC:+8V ~ +36V

Power Consumption

<4W in normal operation

Operating Environment


Normal: -20℃ ~ +80℃


10% to 95%



160(W) x62(H) x200(D) mm.


Net: 2200g, Gross: 3500g

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