Bus Human Traffic Counter DeviceWith HDD SD Card Stored Video Scripts Analysis

Bus Human Traffic Counter DeviceWith HDD SD Card Stored Video Scripts Analysis

The VPC-3G/4G System is designed with 3G/4G/WIFI wireless transmission, 4ch recording, and GPS Positioning to link passenger counting data&bus indoor or outdoor video to vehicle location. The 4ch Vehicle CCTV recorder can be used together with people counters to record the video of people getting on and off at each stop or station, video analytics data is regularly sent back to a central database. During setup, operators watch the video and see exactly what the system is counting thus verifying the increasing counts. You can also securely log on and remotely control and configure the units from any internet-enabled computer.

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• High Accuracy, average 95%, up to 98%

The possibility of simultaneous detection of two people passing in/off

• Can distinguish between people and pets &luggage

• Can detect different skin colors of people, no error counting

• With alarm when counter is shielded or covered by human on purpose

• Upload reports of counting for every stop, excel report for easy downloading


Bus human traffic counter device .jpg


Bus human traffic counter device.jpg



1) We need to setup complete system - e-ticket validators, cash register, passengers counter, LED displays, video cameras, GPS, some telemetry. Can be used Your 3/4G channel for communication with our e-ticketing server (e.g cards validator could be connected via WiFi or TCP/IP cable) ? The same for LED displays?  Have You SDK ?

Answer: Yes, we have SDK, we could provide the SDK for your further development.

If you need the complete system, we will have to integrate our MDVR&counter kit with your current system&RFID/LED displays through wireless network or RS232 translation.

Yes, you can use 3G/4G for communication, we can revise our device to connect to your system based on your protocols. Or you can revise your server by our device’s communication protocol to connect to our device.


2)How much GB storage approx need for 2 cameras record per day (8 hours) ?  How much time it need to download to company server via WiFi when it returns to parking lot ?

Answer: it will take 20GB or so for 2 cameras per day( 720P video).  

The downloading speed is around 2M/s if the wifi network is strong.

If you're interested in the Bus Human Traffic Counter DeviceWith HDD SD Card Stored Video Scripts Analysis, welcome to contact our factory. As one of the professional China manufacturers and suppliers in this field, our company has passed the CE certification. Please be free to get the high-quality solutions and system with us.
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