Binocular Stereo Vision Vehicle Bus People Counting Device With SD Card RS232/485

Binocular Stereo Vision Vehicle Bus People Counting Device With SD Card RS232/485

2-Door VPC works by using 2 binocular counting cameras above the doorways to a vehicle. They judge passenger’s number by capturing human characteristics such as head, shoulders, body and body’s get-on& get-off Movement characteristics and obtains accurate counting results by high-speed DSP intelligent algorithm. Except in extreme crush-loads the accuracy of this technology is quite high.

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Sodimax binocular counters, based on binocular stereo vision technology of embedded products for non-contact. The product can be used in buses, metros, trains, steamer ship and other various vehicles that required statistical passenger. It can be easily installed in the door, roof, walls, ceilings and other parts. 

Sodimax bus passenger counter can accurately determines the number of people and their access direction by analysis all the height\image\shape, orientation of the object in the image captured by binocular camera; Then counter generate an access log after overlay date and time (or longitude/latitude/speed information). Binocular camera built-in infrared LED lamp can be adapted to any type of lighting condition and environment, even black can work properly.

The records of the counting people can be real-time transferred via RS485, RS232, TCP/IP or can be download by USB flash disc. Built-in standalone digital I/O ports can be connected to other devices or switch device. If there is Car DVR or GPS/GPRS, you can tag the video when someone passed for later playback retrieval and manual checks. You can connect to door switch and set when the door is closed, the counter stops counting, when door open, starts counting. Or if door status is not open/close normally, you can set GPS control, when vehicle’s speed is less than 8KM/H, the counter start to count, when speed is over 8KM/H, it stops counting.


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Operating Interface

OSD with mouse and remote control


Shelter Alarm

Alarm alert stored in SD card and saved in server when camera is sheltered


Wireless Transmission

Supporting GPRS


GPS (Optional)

Supporting external GPS


Standard Interface

Supporting 1 RS232 ports ,1 RS485 port 

External Antenna

Antenna interface with embedded GPS  

Standard Interface

Standard RJ45 interface, with indicator.

Standard Interface

Compatible with commerciall avaiblable brands.

System Upgrading

Supporting SD card upgrading and remote upgrading

Gate Control

Door Sensor

High/low electric level trigger

GPS speed

Threshhold 8KM/H

Power Supply and Power Consumption

Power Supply

1. ACC on/off

2. SD card lock on/off

3. Delayed shutdown

4. Timed on/off

Input Voltage

DC:+8V ~ +36V

Power Consumption

<4W in normal operation

Operating Environment


Normal: -20℃ ~ +80℃


10% to 95%



160(W) x62(H) x200(D) mm.


Net: 2200g, Gross: 3500g


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