AHD 720P SD Card Mobile Dvr 4 Channel Gps 3g Wifi With Fuel Sensor To Monitor Fuel Tank

AHD 720P SD Card Mobile Dvr 4 Channel Gps 3g Wifi With Fuel Sensor To Monitor Fuel Tank

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION FEATURE H.264 Compression mode. Support 4CH real-time 720P million pixels AHD input and analog standard definition camera input, or 2CH HD input + 2CH D1 input. Exclusive pre-allocate DVR special file dystem technology. Solving repeatedly wipe cause file fragmentation,...

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H.264 Compression mode. 

Support 4CH real-time 720P million pixels AHD input and analog standard definition camera input, or 2CH HD input + 2CH D1 input.
Exclusive pre-allocate DVR special file dystem technology. Solving repeatedly wipe cause file fragmentation, solving SD card file system collapse, data loss and cannot find SD card and file garbled, ensure the integrity of the data.
SD card storage maximum up to 128GB.
Support IR remote control.
Special design of encryption to protect recording files.
Support wide range of voltage input from 8V to 33V.
It can be completely resist car vibration, dust and other cause data corruption.
High reliability aviation plugs. Simple and clear operation menu.


Compatibility: all kinds of  vehicles
Operating language: Chinese/English
Video input: 4CH
Video output: 1CH 
Video standard: PAL, NTSC, 720P
Image compression: H.264
Audio input: 4ch, aviation plug
Audio output: 1CH
Image format: CIF/HD1/D1/720P
Recording storage: SD card (max 128GB)
Voltage input: 8-36V
Voltage output: 12V
Wireless transfer: Build-in 3G network





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Graphics Operation Interface

System parameters can be set through external display and remote controller

Security Management

2-level management for user password, administrator password, supporting encrypted transmission

Video and Preview

Video Input, Output

4-channel video input, 1channel video output; 1.0Vp-p, 75Ω


Character superposition function, information superposition of time and date, device ID and GPS, etc.

Video Compression Format

Compression coding. Applying Hisilicon hi-performance processor.



Preview Function

Preview of 1-channle, 4-image stitching, supporting full screen triggered by event and switching of stitched images

Frame Rate

PAL: 100 frames/s, up to 25 frames/s per channel; NTSC: 120 frames/s, up to 30 frames/s per channel


720P/D1/CIF optional


Grade 1 to grade 5 for selection (descending)

Bit Rate

CIF: 256Kbps ~ 1.5 Mbps, 8-level bit rates for selection

HD1: 600Kbps ~ 2 Mbps, 8-level bit rates for selection

D1: 800Kbps ~ 3Mbps, 8-level bit rates for selection

720p: 1080Kbps~6Mpbs, 8-level bit rates for selection


Audio Input, Output

4-channel input, 1-channel output

Compression Format



Storage Medium

Supporting SD card, which supports up to 128G

File Format/ System


Video Strategies

Recording at startup by default, supporting timed recording, recording triggered by alarm and event, as well as manual recording

Video Search

Searching by time, type, storage device and other conditions

Video Playback

Supporting playback on local device, supporting synchronous playback of up to 4 channels and analysis on vehicle information in the files

Supporting fast forward, fast backward, play and pause, supporting fast forward and fast backward at 2x, 4x, 8x and 16x speed, supporting file play from selected time


Alarm Input/ Output

6-channel on/off signal alarm input, 1-channel on/off signal alarm output

Alarm Recording

Prerecording function 15 seconds before alarm, duration of recording after alarm can be adjusted from 30s ~ 30min

Storage Space Alarm

Supporting settings for alarm of storage space

Function Alarm

GPS overspeed alarm, acceleration alarm, motion detection alarm

Communication Ports


Wireless Transmission (Optional)

Embedded 3G wireless transmission module, WCDMA, CDMA2000, TD-SCDMA system for selection;

Compatible with GPRS, EDGE;

Embedded Wi-Fi module;

GPS (Optional)

Supporting external GPS

Remote Data Transmission Channel Selection

Supporting 3G; supporting remote downloads of back-end recording strategies;

PTZ Control

Supporting PTZ control realized by local ad client software;

Parameter Configuration

Supporting parameter configuration functions for mobile DVR coding channel;



System Upgrading

Supporting SD card, hard drive upgrading and remote upgrading

Power Supply and Power Consumption

Power Supply

1. ACC on/off

2. Hard drive lock on/off

3. Delayed shutdown

4. Timed on/off

Input Voltage

DC:+8V ~ +36V

Output Voltage


Power-off Protection

With patented UPS power supply continuous working technology, it can work for 3~5 seconds after external power supply is cut so that the intactness of video data can be kept upon sudden power failure

Power Consumption

<10W in normal operation; <0.5W in standby mode

Operating Environment


Normal: 0℃ ~ +60℃; upon hard drive preheating: -25℃ ~ +60℃


10% to 95%


160(W) x62(H) x200(D) mm.


Net: 1000g, Gross: 1500g



Basic Working Parameters


Working Parameters


Power Supply Input

8 ~ 36V

Input voltage at +8V~+36V, the device will be automatically turned off and enter the protection mode if the voltage is lower than 8V for a long time; if the voltage is higher than 36V for a long time, the voltage protection device will block the power supply.

Output Voltage


Output voltage12V (+/-0.2V), Max. current:4A.

Vehicle Key Signal


Vehicle key off.


Vehicle key on.

Video Input Impedance


Impedance of 75Ω for each channel of video.

Video Output


Outputting a 1Vp-p CVBS analog signal.

I/O Interface

0 ~ 2V

Low-level alarm.

Above 5V

Hi-level alarm.

RS232 Serial Ports

Standard Interface

Supporting 1 RS232 ports

GPS Antenna Pedestal

External Antenna

Antenna interface with embedded GPS 

SD Card Interface

Standard Interface

Compatible with commerciall avaiblable brands.

Working Temperature

0~ +55℃

Hard drive heating -25℃ ~ +55℃

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