98% High Accuracy 3G Bus Video Counting Electronic People Counter Camera with GPS

98% High Accuracy 3G Bus Video Counting Electronic People Counter Camera with GPS

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION Electronic people counter camera 98% high accuracy 3G Bus Video counting Electronic people counter camera with gps INTRODUCTION Sodimax Vieo- Counting Bus People Counter(VPC) with binocular lens is developed based on advanced Video Counting&image analysis technoloy.It...

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Electronic people counter camera

98% high accuracy 3G Bus Video counting Electronic people counter camera with gps


Sodimax Bus People Counter - the device consisting of 2 binocular counting cameras, and smart software which performs analysis of the collected data. Among other things, device is intended for passengers flow control (entries and exits) in the buses or dedicate buildings, which provides high reliability passenger pass detection and high accuracy  with elimination of errors counting that may occur by IR Counter which will count the luggage or pets as people etc.

To better clarify the flow of passengers in vehicles, People Counter should be placed on all doors where passengers enter or exit.

System has absolute autonomy in its operation and is independent from other Ticketing systems. If it works independently system provides information on the number of entries and exits of passengers, with that data it provides accurate information for the frequent city lines about vehicle passenger load independent from the data gathered with Ticketing system.The device can send collected data wirelessly thanks to integrated GPRS/3G/4G communication system.

If People Counter is used in combination with Sodimax MDVR, it gains full functionality, and besides passenger counting it provides 4ch or 8ch realtime video& record, gps tracking&location in the buses. Sodimax system has real-time insight on the number of passenger’s on/off the bus and video of the entry&exits. Comparing this data with information of the tickets number sold, bus carriers have precise control of the ticket sale in the vehicles.


· Operation Power consumption ≤4W

· Working voltage 8-36V.

· RS232/485.

· Bus people on/off counting.

· Ability to determine passenger movement direction.

· The possibility of simultaneous detection of two people passing in

· Possible integration with MDVR or ticketing system

· Option of direct data forwarding to central server through TCP/IP protocol

· The People counter case is made in accordance with IP54 standard, which enables the device resistance to moisture and dust.

· For communication with other electronic systems People Counter uses TCP/IP protocol which also enables it integration with the other 3rd-party system


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3g bus video counting.jpg

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Henan Wanli Transportation Bus Fleet Management 


Total :115 buses

Model:SDM605 4CH HDD MDVR with 3G, gps.

4 indoor cameras

Accessories: Cables, harddisk, monitors.

Realize functions: 3g live video monitoring, gps tracking, Geo-fence alarm, Overspeed alarm.

Installation Date:2011.1





1. person accounting accuracy, % ?

Reply:If installation is corretly done and environment&background is adjusted perfectly, the accuracy could be 98% by our other customer's report.

2. How much cameras needed for person accounting ?

Reply:If the bus has 1 door, you will need to buy the 1-door counter kit which is with one counting camera. If the bus is with 2 door, then you will need 2-door version which is with 2 counting cameras

3. video  cameras would be necessary with local storage (eg, SD card). Could Your device manage 2 cameras (inside bus and outside view) and person accounting  in the same time?

Reply: Yes, our model VPC-C supports 4 ch recording, with HDD&SD card storage. You can connect 4 cameras(for recording purpose) with our device, the 2 counting cameras are only for counting purpose. You can also connect 2 recording cameras+ such 2 counting cameras with our device to record, this is also okay.



If you're interested in the 98% high accuracy 3g bus video counting electronic people counter camera with gps, welcome to contact our factory. As one of the professional China manufacturers and suppliers in this field, our company has passed the CE certification. Please be free to get the high-quality solutions and system with us.

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