8ch Full D1 4G Live Tracking Mdvr Gps 3g Wifi Intercom Night Vision Cctv For Public Bus Fleet Control

8ch Full D1 4G Live Tracking Mdvr Gps 3g Wifi Intercom Night Vision Cctv For Public Bus Fleet Control

This 8CH HDD Mobile DVR is specially to be used in a mobile environment, such buses, trucks, School Buses, Armor Cash Trucks etc. Our complete line of Mobile Products, was designed from the ground up, to mobile....and HIGH DEFINITION Mobile to be sure. Real, LIVE, FULL D1 Recording / Playback makes sure that you've got EXACTLY the shot you want, and the results you need.

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8ch full D1 4g live tracking mdvr  gps 3g wifi

This is a 8CH Mobile DVR System with 3G, GPS, WIFI, G-sensor support, which is a standard.

 vehicle cctv security system for bus, truck, train, transport vehicle, policy vehicle etc, the 3G 

and GPS enable for live video streaming on CMS for fleet management and GPS with 

google mapping for live tracking the vehicle when there is anything accident happen. 

WiFi transfer ability makes the footage copy or backup easier, as the footage 

will be sent automatically when the vehicle returns to station at night. 


1.Super-high anti-shock, damp-proof, dust-proof functions, easy installation 

2.Support double data backup(mirror recording in SD card)

3.Support D1 each Channel, PTZ Control, 3G remote monitoring

4.Best after-sale service with 1 years warranty, lifetime maintaince

5.Support 3G. GPS. G-SENSOR. WIFI Module for option

6.Over-load, over-current, reverse, ESD, power-off protection

7.Support Auto recording, timed recording, alarm recording ( open/ close door etc.)

8.Automatic ON/OFF setup, can set many time periods.

9.Independent delayed-time off circuit, fire-off delaying recording, 

delay time is settable.

10.Support powerful client program: monitoring, playback, recording and screenshot and playback analysis. 


8ch mdvr

full D1 mdvr

mdvr 3g gps wifi


8ch hdd mdvr clients

8ch mobile dvr

Fuel tank monitoring 8ch mdvr

Player for 8ch vehicle recorder






1)Is it possible to rename the vehicle ID? For example for a name or a licence plate? (for example: 08-PVP-5)

Yes, of course, it is editable, you could rename and make your own specific vehicle ID or name or license plate etc. if you use our server, you will need us to revise the vehicle ID for you if you set up your own server, there is software for all the configuration, so you could set the vehicle ID by the software config


2)Is there always a connection between the unit and the client? Is this adjustable? For example only in case of an alarm, or when someone looks in the client or the App to the images? I ask this because we want to use as less data as possible

In fact, as long as there is 3G function and your sim card is workable, you could make such connection when you need to check the live vehicle running details. In fact, if you no need to check, you could close the Clients. If you need to check, then open it and login to check. As for alarm alert, yes, if the clients is open, you will get the alert in due time, but it the clients is closed, the live alert will be missed. If you set email notification or SMS sending by server, then the alert will never be missed even the 3G is not connected since servers works all the time no matter the 3G is connected or not.


3)Is it necessary to create a different login for client and app? Is there a maximum of logins that can be created?

In fact, for the accounts, you could create different ones with no problem( with your own server), the same account is applicable for both PC and phone, so usually we think no need to make different account, otherwise you want to give different authority to some users( like you dont' want UserA to monitor busA, then you could put busA out of UserA's account.). There is no limits for the accounts created.

If you're interested in the 8ch full d1 4g live tracking mdvr gps 3g wifi intercom night vision cctv for public bus fleet control, welcome to contact our factory. As one of the professional China manufacturers and suppliers in this field, our company has passed the CE certification. Please be free to get the high-quality solutions and system with us.
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