4ch 720P 3G 4g Streaming Live Video Vehicle Cctv Recorder With Bus Passenger Counter System

4ch 720P 3G 4g Streaming Live Video Vehicle Cctv Recorder With Bus Passenger Counter System

PRODUCT DESCRIPTION SPECIFICATION Power In: 8-36V DC Power Out: 12 V DC Video Input: 4 channels, 4 pin air port Video Out: 1 channel Video Standard: PAL/ NTSC Compression: Advanced H.264(High/main/baseline profile) Quality: 720P/Full D1 Audio Input: 4 channels Audio Out: 1 channel Frame Rate:...

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*Obtain information for scheduling and forecasting.

*Justify grants.

*Increase collected fare revenue.

*Save on training and employing people to manually count passengers.

98% Accuracy.

Analyze key performance indicators like passengers per mile and cost per passenger.

*Record times at each stop.

*Automatically generate reports.

*Monitor passenger numbers over time.


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1)What purpose does the sensor serve?

The sensor is designed to count the number of bus passengers getting on or off. 
All passengers are counted regardless of their payment method (cash, pass, welfare ticket, or discount ticket).

2)How is it used?

The sensor can be used to get information on the usage status and crowding of bus passengers. 
Take advantage of the sensor's abilities to create an optimum time table by knowing the number of passengers getting on or off at a particular stop, at what times, on which lines, and in which zones.

3)What type of sensor is it?

The sensor (camera) is installed in the bus ceiling near an entrance and exit. 
It is compact and easy to install. 
A single sensor can count people getting both on and off.

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